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Zheng Shan Tea-Bing Dao/Iceland Pu'er

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The most distinctive feature of Iceland Pu’er is the sweetness of icing sugar.

The packaging of this tea is designed with the peacock, a national-level protected animal unique to Yunnan, as a design element, the colorful peacock complements the sweetness of Iceland pu’er with icing sugar.

It is the highest end of the Zheng Shan Tang range of pu-erh teas. We have established a tea co-operative with Mr Zhou Shunming, the chief of the Iceland village in Mengku Township, Shuangjiang County, Lincang, to select raw materials from the Iceland village of Wuzhai, and to control the quality of the tea from the source. 

Brand: Zheng Shan Tea

Net Weight: 50 Gram/1.76 Ounce

Type: Raw Pu'er Tea

Origin: Iceland village, Yunnan province.

Grade: Top Grade.

Picking Standard: 1 Bud 2-3 leaves.

Dried Tea: Strong.

Soup: Golden Yellow Bright.

Fragrance: Floral and fruity with a hint of icing sugar.

Taste: Sweet and refreshing.

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

It is recommended to use a covered bowl for brewing.

1.Add 5g of tea after warming the cup, smell the tea aroma.

2.Add pure water above 95℃ to brew.

3.1-5 courses of soaking for 1-3s, then soaking for 5-10s, no more than 15s.

What is Raw Pu'er?

Pu'er is divided into raw Pu'er and ripe Pu'er according to the craftsmanship. This product belongs to raw Pu'er.

Because the raw material has not been fermented in the process, the tea is cool, and has the functions of anti-oxidation and blood lipid lowering, but it is not suitable for people with cold stomach. Therefore, it is usually stored for a long time, and the tea will be mild.

If body can adapt, most tea lovers will regard Pu'er raw tea as a ration tea. Because the differences in different regions, hills, tree species, tree age, altitude, soil quality, climate, and tea storage years will bring special experiences, attracting people to understand and explore.

The raw materials selected for this product are 1 bud, 2-3 leaves in Iceland village, Yunnan province. The raw materials are precious and rare, with a natural and lasting fragrance of flowers and fruits.

What is so special about Icelandic Laozhai in Yunnan?

Yunnan is located in the oldest southwestern tea region of China and is a multi-ethnic province full of mystery. It is not only rich in species of animals and plants, known as the "Kingdom of Animals and Plants", but also has a long history and culture, beautiful and colorful natural scenery, and a large number of wild ancient tea trees and communities. It is a tea holy place that tea lovers yearn for.

There is a Mengku tea mountain in the Lincang tea region deep in Yunnan. Iceland village is on the bank of Mengku River, on the Tropic of Cancer, with sufficient light resources, up to 1650-1900 meters above sea level, near Iceland Lake, with an excellent ecological environment.The annual average temperature here is 20.00 ℃ and the annual rainfall is 1,800 mm, which is very suitable for growing tea.So the tea produced is of very good quality.

The Iceland village is divided into five villages, Iceland Laozhai, Dijie, Nanpu, Bawai, and Nuowu.(冰岛老寨、地界、南迫、坝歪、糯伍) Among them, the Pu-erh tea from Iceland Laozhai is the most famous and regarded as the most authentic Icelandic tea. Laozhai is located on the half-mountain side of the west half of Mengku Town, with an altitude of about 1700 and sufficient sunlight. It is the birthplace of Mengku large-leaf species. The tea produced here is of excellent quality and is known as the "queen" of Pu'er tea in Yunnan.

Product Info: 

 Comparison between LAPSANGSTORE Raw Pu`erh 



Material/Picking standard

Dried Tea Shape





The BingDao Code  Raw Pu'er-20g

Laozhai,Iceland village, Yunan Province.It is made with a single tea variety.(no blending)1 bud 2-3 leaves.

Loose Tea

Top Grade

Professional Storage

Sweet rock sugar, floral and fruity.Delicate and smooth,fresh.Neither bitter nor astringent.

2 Zheng Shan Tea-Bing Dao/Iceland Pu'er Laozhai,Iceland village, Yunan Province.It is made with a single tea variety.(no blending)1 bud 2-3 leaves. Loose Tea Top Grade Professional Storage Sweet floral and fruity.Delicate and smooth,fresh.Cool taste.


10 Years Aged Iceland Raw Pu'er Tea-40g

Iceland village, Yunan Province.Ancient tea trees up to 100 years old.1 Bud 3 Leaves.

Loose Tea

Top Grade

For 10 Years

Taste Astringent first and icing sugar-sweet aroma after.


Aged Raw Pu'er Dragon Pearls-125g

Mengku County, Lincang City.Ancient tea trees up to 100 years old.1 Bud 3 leaves

Dragon Pearls

Top Grade

Professional Storage

It has a stronger sense of stimulation, with a bitter and sweet taste


MoXiang Series Raw Pu‘erh Tea  Cake-357g

Tea base in Lincang, Yunnan Province.1 Bud 2 leaves.

Tea Cake

1 Grade

It has a stronger sense of stimulation, with a bitter and sweet taste


If you have never tried Pu-erh tea, we recommend you to try it from our well-prepared tasting set:Pu Long Hao-Pu'er Tea Tasting Collection

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