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((Photo:  Tongmuguan Zheng Shan Tang Factory Department-Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve, Fujian Province)

What is Jin Jun Mei?

It belongs to the black tea category. First created in 2005 in Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province. It is the first Chinese high-end black tea created by Brand Zheng Shan Tang.

The Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences defines Jin Junmei as: Made from the tea buds of wild tea trees in the mountains at an altitude of 1200-1500 meters Only in the Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve can be called Jin Junmei.

(Photo: Tongmu Village Lapsang Souchong hundred years of tea production green building)

Jin Junmei Producing Process

              Picking                                     Withering                                   Rolling                                     Fermentation                                         Drying

Why Jin Jun Mei Black Tea are so Special?

It is made with an innovative black tea process, and only the head buds(First bud grown in Spring) are picked. It has the characteristics of "clearness, high fragrance, sweet taste and after taste", with a comprehensive fragrance of flower and fruit.

(Photo: Jiuqu River, Wuyi Mountain)

We can find many Jin Junmei Black Tea Selling on Variety Store&Website, What’s the difference?

As the only one who create this black tea, we have standard process and
1.Authentic raw materials: Produced from 1200-1500 meters high mountain wild tea tree tea buds within 565 square kilometers of Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve with Tongmuguan as the center. It takes at least 60,000 to 80,000 buds to make 500 gram of Jin Junmei.

2.Authentic craftsmanship: Zheng Shan Tang is the founding enterprise of Jin Junmei. All products are supervised by Mr Jiang Yuanxun, creator of this black tea, with black tea innovative craftsmanship.

3.Certified organic by BCS in Germany, NOP in the United States, and JAS in Japan, safe, clean and assured

4.In China, Zheng Shan Tang is one of the standard-setters of China's Jin Junmei industry, guaranteeing the quality of tea.

Transparent Pricing / True Cost of Jin Jun Mei

The raw material of Jin Jun Mei originates from the national nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain, and the altitude needs to be within the range of 1200-1500 to be authentic Jin Jun Mei.
Due to the reputation of Zheng Shan Tang in Tongmu, most of the tea farmers here will sell the tea green to Zheng Shan Tang.
Even so, the purchase price of a catty of fresh leaves is up to 900 yuan(RMB).
2.5kg of fresh leaves make 500gram of dry tea.
This is equivalent to the raw material cost of one catty of Jin Jun Mei, which costs 4,500 yuan.
This does not include processing, finishing, packaging, inspection and market development.

The production of 500gram of Jin Jun Mei requires 60-80,000 buds, and a skilled female tea picker can only pick up to 2,000 a day.
 This is why the price of good tea must not be low.
So you can imagine how the quality of Jin Jun Mei on the market.
Many unscrupulous businessmen in order to make money, the low mountain tea, flat tea for high mountain tea for sale, the Kongfu black tea for lapsang souchong, Jin Jun Mei for sale, the foreign black tea for Wuyishan black tea for sale, and even more, the black tea wrapped in syrup, just to make the tea soup drink more sweet.

About our Jin Jun Mei Selling on Lapsang Store

We only have 1 kind of this black tea. For this product, we have different packaging.

① Mini Pack
3/7 gram, for customers who want to try this black tea first time.

② Private Enjoy Pack
8 gram,1 pack 1 time, for customers using glass cup.

③ Classic Tinplate Can
50/100 gram, this design have kept for 15 years, It is printed with the anti-counterfeiting mark of Zheng Shan Tang, which has good airtightness.

④ Color Painting Verison Tinplate Can.
50 gram. It is printed with the endangered and rare animal white-necked pheasant, which means the preciousness of Jin Junmei, beautiful yellow with black tea bud as the colorful feathers of the pheasant.

⑤ Simpler Fashion Style Gift Box
Imple paper gift box, low-key luxury

⑥ Flowery Luxury Gift Box
Wooden gift box with hollow sides, exquisite and elegant.

⑦ Enjoyable luxury Gift Box
The painter draws by hand, only two can be drawn a day, each box is unique.