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Zheng Shan Tea

The Zheng Shan Tea series are five famous Chinese teas produced by Zheng Shan Tang, including Jin Junmei and Lapsang Souchong from Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain; Dahongpao from the authentic rock tea production area of Wuyishan; Pu'er from Yunnan Iceland;Silver needles from Fuding,Fujian Province.
Each one is made with the most core tea raw materials and the most authentic techniques. With a representative animal as a symbol, it is luxurious, beautiful and high-quality.
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Zheng Shan Tea-Bing Dao/Iceland Pu'er

1 review
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Zheng Shan Tea-White Tea Silver Needle

2 reviews
From $15.90
Zheng Shan Tea-Smoked Lapsangsouchong

1 review
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Zheng Shan Tea-Da Hong Pao

3 reviews
From $19.94
Zheng Shan Tea Series Mini Bag - Lapsangstore
Zheng Shan Tea Series Mini Bag

6 reviews
From $13.50