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Tea Ticket Series

The tea ticket series is designed with reference to the tea selling license used in the past.Go back to the beginning of history and appreciate the true taste of tea.This series of teas is affordable and perfect for daily ration tea. Packed in tinplate cans, convenient and beautiful.
YuanZheng Da Hong Pao Rock Tea - Lapsangstore
Save 20%
YuanZheng Da Hong Pao Rock Tea

3 reviews
$16.00 $19.90
YuanZheng Zhiwei Black Tea - Lapsangstore
Save 25%
YuanZheng Zhiwei Black Tea

2 reviews
$15.00 $19.90
Save 25%
YuanZheng Lapsang Souchong - Lapsangstore
Save 36%
YuanZheng Lapsang Souchong

2 reviews
$16.00 $24.90
YuanZheng Qinyuanchun Black Tea - Lapsangstore
Save 49%
YuanZheng Qinyuanchun Black Tea

1 review
$17.00 $33.33