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Kuai Ke Cup - Porcelain Personal Enjoy Tea Sets.

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This tea set is produced in Dehua.One of the world's ceramic capitals. With a pot and two cups, moisturizing like jade. Just like the French praised Dehua white porcelain in Ming Dynasty - "BLANC DE CHINE"(中国白), Dehua white porcelain is the top grade of porcelain.The texture is firm and the glaze is smooth and moisturizing. The hand-painted bergamot lotus is more vivid, beautiful and elegant after soaking in the tea soup.

A small hole filter is also designed at the water outlet, and there are two round handle on the side to make tea brewing easier.

It is equipped with an integrated storage bag, and two teacups, one large and one small, are nested in the pot, which saves space. It is not only convenient to carry during office travel, but also saves space for use at home.

Brand: produced by Zhengshantang, with the brand logo "Zheng Shan Tang" printed on the bottom of the bowl.

Process: high temperature firing

Net weight: 400 Gram

Details:1 Pot with 2 Cups


Gaiwan:Height 8cm Diameter 9.5cm Capacity 120ml

Tea cup 1:Height 4cm Diameter 7.7cm Capacity 80ml

Tea cup 2 :Height 3.3cm Diameter 6.5cm Capacity 40ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
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