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Shui Di Xiang Black Tea

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50 Gram
The raw Shui Di Xiang leaves are one bud and two leaves of the excellent high-mountain tea in Wuyi National Nature Reserve.
It tastes very mellow and sweet in the mouth.To fully reflect the fragrance comes from the bottom, we named it after a couplet that described "Spring is picked from the mountains, and fragrance comes from the bottom of tea soup".

Retail price in China: ¥400

Net weight:50 Gram

Grade: Top Grade

Picking Standard: 1 Bud with 2 leaves 

Picking Time: 2022 Spring

Type: Black Tea

Origin: Tongmuguan,Wuyi Mountain

Dry Tea: Tip is fine,black,and juicy

Soup: Orange, bright, golden circle.

Aroma: Obvious fruity aroma.

Taste: Mellow, sweet and sweet in the mouth.Delicate lychee fragrance.

Wet Tea: Bright and stretched.

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

It is advisable to use a covered bowl for brewing.

1.Add 3g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma

2.Prepare pure water around 95°C.

3.1-4 course rush out, do not soak for a long time.5-7 courses soak for 5-10s, 7-10 courses about 15s. The more times of brewing, the longer the soaking time, in order to ensure the stability of the tea soup. 

Click here for more detailed brewing guide

Both Shui Di Xiang and Fei Zi Xiao have the lychees aroma. Shui Di Xiang more mellow,and Fei Zi Xiao more fragrant.

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향긋하고 맛있어요

수저향이라는 이름이 낭만적인 것 처럼, 입에 머금은 이 차에서도 낭만적인 맛이 납니다. 라이치/용안의 달콤한 과육의 맛이 나는데 살짝 말린 과육이라 풍미가 좀 더 그윽해요. 비자소가 싱그럽다면 수저향은 좀 더 은은한 점이 매력적입니다. 설정샷이 과해서 죄송스럽지만 아무튼.. 차가 무척 맛있습니다.