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Jasmine Big Pekoe Tea

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Product Info:

Product: Jasmine Big Pekoe

Net Weight: 100g (5g x 20)

Raw Material: Roasted green tea, jasmine

Origin: Fuzhou, Fujian province

What is Jasmine Big Pekoe?

Jasmine Big Pekoe is a reprocessed tea. It is made from the early spring buds of Fuding white tea and other fine tea tree varieties. It has both the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of jasmine flowers.

Difference between Jasmine Big Pekoe and Jasmine Dragon Pearl?

Both are jasmine teas made with roasted green tea, but the process of green tea production is different. The aroma of BIG PEKOE is more elegant and the taste of the tea broth is more mellow. Longzhu green tea has tighter particles to lock in the floral aroma, and the aroma is stronger and more fragrant.


Dried tea shape:  Black blooming with white pekoe

Soup Color: Bright orange-yellow

Fragrance: Light jasmine fragrance.

Taste: Sweet, smooth

Wet Leaves: Evenly lime green

What is "scenting窨制" “Tea jacquard提花"


A process of making jasmine tea by mixing tea and flowers together, allowing the tea leaves to naturally absorb the floral aroma, then sifting the flowers and drying the tea leaves. But the more times you make jasmine tea doesn't mean the better. It is rare to find jasmine tea with more than seven processes, which is not only time-consuming and costly, but also easy to over-saturate the flowers and lose the fragrance of tea.

Tea jacquard:

A final scenting with higher quality more jasmine flowers to improve the purity and freshness of the jasmine aroma.

Is it tea or flowers inside jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea is mainly green tea with a few flower petals.

Traditional jasmine tea is made by sifting out all the flowers, so you only smell the fragrance but not the flowers. Nowadays, most people prefer tea with flower petals to add beauty to the tea soup.

The dried flowers in this Silver Needle are within 1% of the number of tea leaves, more would be impure in fragrance and susceptible to moisture.

Jasmine Silver Needle Jasmine Dragon Pearl Jasmine White Pekoe
Grade  Top Grade First Grade First Grade
Raw materials (tea billets) Fuding high-quality tea tree tea buds One bud and two leaves of Fuding tea tree. One bud and one leaf of Fuding Great White Tea Tree
Craft 7 Scenting and 1 Jacquard 6 Scenting and 1 Jacquard 6 Scenting and 1 Jacquard
Dried Tea Stripes Dragon Pearl Stripes
Fragrance The strong fragrance of jasmine The strong fragrance of jasmine The strong fragrance of jasmine


With the freshness of green tea blended with the fragrance of jasmine flowers, the silver needle is relatively fresher and sweeter; the dragon pearl is more resistant and fresher after kneading; the big white hairs have a more pronounced tea flavor and astringent feeling.


Water temperature: 85-90 ℃ Ware: covered bowl

①Warm cup: boiling water moisten the tea set, put in the tea, shake it twice, and smell the aroma in the cup.

② brewing: water along the wall of the cup, one to three times steeping 5-10s, after three steeping 10-15s, can be brewed more than six times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
연화 김
너무 만족스러워요!

블랙프라이데이 마지막 날에 소식을 알고 구매했는데 향도 맛도 너무 마음에들었습니다
1L짜리 티포트에 한포 다 넣고 우리면서 하루종일 마시는데 대만족입니다
케이스도 선물하기 예쁜 케이스더라구요
다마시면 다른 자스민차들도 도전해보고싶어요

태인 김

Jasmine Big Pekoe Tea

Suyeun Baek

Jasmine Big Pekoe Tea


fragrant bitter aftertaste I want to repurchase.

kim yewon

좋아요. 우리기도 쉽고 가격도 괜찮고..!
다음엔 다른자스민도 먹어보고싶어요 ㅠㅠ

너어어무 맛있어요

다른 자스민차를 마셔본 지 오래되서 다른 차랑 비교는 안되는데 진하고 향긋하고 넘 맛있어요. 세일 할 때 잘 산 것 같아요!