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Zhangping(漳平) Narcissus Squeezed Oolong Tea-Light Aroma Type New Packing

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Product: Zhangping Narcissus

Net Weight: 128g

Raw material: Narcissus Tea Trees from core regions of Zhangping national forest park. Fujian Province.

What is Zhangping Narcissus?

One kind of Oolong tea which has more than 600 hundred years history, its the only squeezed tea among oolong teas.

The production process of Zhangping Narcissus tea cake combines the production process of Da Hong Pao (Northern Fujian Oolong) and Tie Guanyin (Southern Fujian Oolong), and is pressed by a wooden mold to make a unique square shape, which is convenient and unique.

We have selected a total of two styles of Zhangping Narcissus for tea lovers with different preferences to choose from.

1, Light Aroma, 

2. Strong Aroma. click to review.


Dried tea shape: Squeezed tea cake, 30 percent red and 70 percent green (green leaves with red edging)

Tea soup: Bright gold yellow.

Aroma: Orchid and osmanthus fragrance is obvious.

Taste: With icing sugar sweetness and mountain wilderness, the soup is refreshing and sweet.

Wet leaves: Stretch and soft, with nectar fragrance.

Brewing Guide:

Water: 100°C

Teaware: Purple Clay Pot/Gaiwan

Brewing: The first run of tea, quickly rushed into hot water, 3-5s after leaching, do not drink the first run.
The second run, sitting cup 5-10s, according to their own taste to increase or reduce the steeping time, each course of extended sitting cup about 10s.
Can be brewed for more than 8 times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
이거 괜찮네요!

우롱차 궁금하다 하니 한 팩 보내줘서 마셔봤는데 연한맛 우롱차도 상당한걸요!

영란 정
Very Good

할인할 때 종류별로 맛보려고 구매했습니다.
티파우더 완전 괜찮아서 주변에 추천하고 다니고 있어요^^