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Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

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5 reviews

Product Info:

Name: Jasmine Dragon Pearl

Net Weight: 100g (5g x 20 Packs)

Raw Material: Roasted green tea, jasmine

Origin: Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

What is Jasmine Dragon Pearl?

Jasmine Pearl, also known as Jasmine Hydrangea, is a reprocessed tea. The tea is made from young buds in early spring, hand-rolled one by one into a tea billet (tea for reprocessing), it has the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of jasmine flowers, and its aroma is called "the smell of Chinese spring".

What is the difference between Jasmine Dragon Pearl and Jasmine Big Pekoe?

Both are jasmine teas made with roasted green tea, but the process of green tea production is different. The aroma of Big Pekoe is lighter and the taste of the tea broth is more mellow. Dragon pearl green tea has tighter particles that can lock in the floral aroma, and the aroma is stronger and more fragrant, and the production process is more complicated than White pearl.


Dried Tea: Round, tight, and even, with white hairs showing

Soup: Bright orange-yellow

Fragrance: Strong jasmine flower fragrance.

Taste: Freshness and sweet.

Wet Leaves: Tender and Stretch, with a good shape tea bud,

Brewing Guide:

Temperature: 80-90°C

Teaware: Gaiwan/Lidder Bowl

①Warm cup: boiling water moisten over the tea set, put in the tea, shake lightly twice, smell the aroma in the cup

② Brewing: the first run through the tea, let it sit for 10s and then leach it out without drinking. (to facilitate the stretching of the tea shape)

The second run starts to brew along the wall of the cup, sit for 5-10s. Can brew more than six times.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
지혜 강
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

생각보다 훨씬 향이 좋고 맛있어요. 다 마시면 또 구매하고 싶은 차!!

식사랑 같이 마시기 좋아요

식당에서 기본적으로 나온 자스민 차를 마시다가 별기대없이 마셨는데 향도 너무 좋고 식사랑 잘 어울려서 맛있게 마셨어요! 매운요리랑 같이 마시니 합이 너무 좋더라고요

미주 김
향이 엄청 좋아요

평소에도 쟈스민차 좋아해서 구입해봤는데 향이 진하고 오래 우려도 안떫어요. 포장도 너무 예쁘고 대만족입니다.

자스민 차

맛 좋고요 향기 세고 잎 다 펴지면 징그러워요 ㅋㅋ

Wanki Baik