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YuanZheng Jasmine Tea "碧潭飘雪" Strong Aroma Type 90g

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This jasmine tea is made from blooming jasmine and high mountains Maofeng green tea, combined with traditional jasmine craftsmanship, and made by three-scenting and one-frying. The tea not only maintains the combination of floral fragrance and tea flavor, but also adds a complete jasmine flower, which is swaying. The tea soup is bright yellow and green, mellow and sweet, and jasmine fragrance is strong.

Retail price in China: ¥108

Net weight:90 Gram

Grade: 1st Grade

Picking Standard: 1 Bud with 2 leaves 

Type:Jasmine tea

Origin: Heng County, Nanning City, Guangxi Province

Dry Tea:Thin and tight with white pekoe

Soup: Bright yellow-green

Aroma: Rich jasmine aroma

Wet Tea:Bright and stretched.

Taste: mellow and sweet

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

What is Jasmine Tea?

Jasmine tea is a reprocessed tea. It is made from Maofeng green tea and blooming jasmine flowers from Hengxian County, Guangxi. It has both the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of jasmine flowers.

How to brew?
It is advisable to use a Covered bowl/Mug for brewing.
1. Add 3g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma
2.Add 85℃ water to brew
3.Water along the wall of the cup, one to three times steeping 5-10s, after three steeping 10-15s, can be brewed more than six times.

Mug: Put 3 grams of tea, add 85 ℃ water, soak for about 3 minutes, drink.

What is "scenting窨制" “Tea jacquard提花"?


A process of making jasmine tea by mixing tea and flowers together, allowing the tea leaves to naturally absorb the floral aroma, then sifting the flowers and drying the tea leaves. But the more times you make jasmine tea doesn't mean the better. It is rare to find jasmine tea with more than seven processes, which is not only time-consuming and costly, but also easy to over-saturate the flowers and lose the fragrance of tea.

Tea jacquard:

A final scenting with higher quality more jasmine flowers to improve the purity and freshness of the jasmine aroma.

Is it tea or flowers inside jasmine tea?

In traditional jasmine tea, all the flowers are only used to absorb the aroma, and they will all be screened out after the production is completed, so you can only smell the fragrance and not see the flowers. Nowadays, most people prefer to use petal tea to add beauty to the tea soup. The number of dried flowers is basically within 1% of the tea, more would be impure in fragrance and susceptible to moisture.

This jasmine tea is mainly green tea, with a few petals. When brewing, the petals stretch and float, swaying, and it is very beautiful.

YuanZheng·Jasmine Tea Jasmine Silver Needle Jasmine Dragon Pearl Jasmine White Pekoe
Jasmine Origin Heng County, Guangxi Fuzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Fujian
Grade  First Grade Top Grade First Grade First Grade
Raw materials (tea billets) One bud and two leaves Fuding high-quality tea tree tea buds One bud and two leaves of Fuding tea tree. One bud and one leaf of Fuding Great White Tea Tree
Craft 3 Scenting and 1 Jacquard 7 Scenting and 1 Jacquard 6 Scenting and 1 Jacquard 6 Scenting and 1 Jacquard
Dried Tea Stripes Stripes Dragon Pearl Stripes
Fragrance Jasmine fragrance The strong fragrance of jasmine The strong fragrance of jasmine The strong fragrance of jasmine


With the freshness of green tea blended with the fragrance of jasmine flowers,YuanZheng·Jasmine Tea is Fresh, mellow and soft;The Silver Needle is relatively fresher and sweeter; The Dragon Pearl is more resistant and fresher after kneading; The BIG PEKOE have a more pronounced tea flavor and astringent feeling. 

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