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High borosilicate heat-Resistant Glass Tea Pot[TS08]

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2 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great and Handy Tea Pot

I thought it is too small in the beginning. After I start using it, I feel it is very handy and it keeps the tea not too diluted, one cup at a time.
Since it is glass, it is hotter to touch than a clay teapot. But since it is glass, I enjoy seeing the dynamic of expanding tea leaves, the change of tea color while I am tasting the tea. Thank you.

Very nice little tea pot

It's a very cute tea pot. It's small so it's good for gongfu brewing. I can use it for all kinds of teas, black tea, white tea, oolong tea etc. The filter is a little big so big leaves tea works best. For smaller tea leaves, there will be some tea leaves come out but it's acceptable amount. Sometimes I chose it over my Yixing pot because I can see how the tea color and leaves are changing, and it's neutral for the taste.