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5 Flavors Organic WuYi High Mountain Tea Collection USDA/JAS/BCS Organic Certificated[LP01]

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Explore the secrets of 2668

There is a small tea mountain in Dali, Yunnan,
Located at an altitude of 2668 meters,
Clouds and sunlight cover each tea tree at the same time.
Every tea bud is a wild child bred by heaven and earth.
The unique environment affects the growth and development of tea,
and the long history has bred ancient tea trees that can be seen everywhere.
In the distance, there are undulating mountains,
There are also clouds and mist drifting in the mountains.
The so-called clouds and mist entering the cup are the true portrayal of the tea here.

Best organic tea + Best tea making process

The owner of the tea garden told us that he has adhered to the agricultural production method following the laws of nature for many years, based on the maintenance of soil vitality and main soil cultivation, and never used any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and Various growth regulators and any additions that are harmful to the soil are used to plant and maintain tea gardens.

Although in Chinese natural farms, this can be called a textbook-like existence. But for him, these are only the duties of the producer.

We explored this real natural tea garden, walked into it, and discovered its magic

What amazes us is that the fertilizer used in the tea garden comes from the excrement of cattle and black goats raised in the tea mountain.
In this farm, he created an ecosystem where all creatures and life share. The fungi, mosses, all kinds of wild herbs, and alpine rhododendrons here are all kinds, making people feel like they have strayed into the tropical rainforest.Among them, the tea tree occupies only one-third. The 600-mu mountain has an annual output of only 4,000 jin, which is very small for the common Yunnan tea mountains.

We feel the charm of the night here, and we can feel the closest distance to the starry sky when we look up.
Simple folk customs, feel the enthusiasm of sitting around the campfire
Relying on mountains and seas, taste a cup of the purest and original ecological organic tea

We have reached an agreement with the owner of the tea garden and only use the simplest packaging to sell. After removing the high cost of packaging, the taste of this cup of tea is worth every penny spent.If you want to travel here and taste a cup of the purest organic tea, you can also contact us at