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2014 Convenient Squeezed Gong Mei(贡眉) White Tea

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3 reviews

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Lin Feiying's tea garden is located in the core production area of Taimu Mountain in the Fuding Mountains. It does not use pesticides and has a superior ecological environment. Picking Fuding Dabai tea/Fuding Dahao tea as raw materials, it is made by traditional craftsmanship, pressed into biscuit shape, and packed in independent small bubble bags. The dry tea like a biscuit, neat and clean, mellow taste, rich honey fragrance, and long-lasting sweetness.

Net Weight: 60g/box(5g*12)

Origin: Fuding, Fujian.

Type: White Tea-Gongmei.

Picking Standard: 1 bud 3 leaves

Dry tea: Dark brown.

Taste: Mellow and smooth.

Soup: Bright orange.

Aroma: Honey and medicinal Fragrant.

Wet tea: Fresh and elastic.

Storage method: Placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

It is recommended to use a covered bowl for brewing.

1. Add 5g of tea leaves after warming the cup.

2. Add pure water above 95℃ to brew.

3. 1 course of soaking for 15s, pour it out and not drink, 2-10 courses of soaking for 5-15s, 10 courses of soaking for 20-40 seconds, more than 15 courses can be brewed.

Difference between Gongmei and Shoumei:

In summary, Gongmei(贡眉)‘s ingredient standard is higher than Shoumei. 

Gongmei贡眉:Take the tender shoots of group-grown tea species as raw materials.

Shoumei寿眉:Take big white tea, narcissus or the tender shoots or leaves of group-grown tea species as raw materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
young Chung

Very subtle, yet indeed exquisite flavor. Easy to prepare thanks to an individual package. Shipping to California was also super fast! Thank you.

Thank you for sharing~It is the old white tea of 2014. If you taste it carefully, you can feel its jujube and medicine fragrance.And its taste is very smooth and mellow. It is very clean and has no miscellaneous flavor for an old tea~~

Minha Cho
Lovely tea

Lovely summer tea! These days, I drink this tea everyday. I love the perfect balance of fragrance and sweetness of this tea.

Thank you so much for posting your likes~A cup of tea a day is really a very comfortable feeling !

Eunbi Lee
great taste

I love this tea!