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ISTea AI Capsule Tea Maker Tea Capsule

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This capsule is compatible with Nestlé Dolce Gusto coffee machines, so you can use it on your coffee machine to enjoy a cup of Chinese tea conveniently and quickly.

What kind of tea can I drink?

All capsule teas of Zhengshantang are universal, and there are currently four flavors:

① At the sight of golden cloud: Junmei Black Tea - Flower and Fruity Fragrance

②At the sight of Chixia: Junmei Black Tea - Sweet Longan

③ At first sight of the lotus wind: Junmei black tea - lychee fragrance

④ At first sight of Qingxia: Fuding Shoumei White Tea - Jujube Fragrance

The raw materials of tea are all provided by Zhengshantang, with quality assurance. (To purchase capsules, click here)

We will continue to introduce new capsules in various flavors, such as Longjing and other green teas.

What is the difference between the taste of capsule tea soup and brewing in a gaiwan?

ISTea AI tea maker is produced by Zhengshantang. Even if you don’t know how to use a gaiwan, you can easily drink a cup of tea. Although it is impossible to fully feel the aroma of tea, it saves the steps of preparing utensils, boiling water, pouring tea, brewing, and making soup, and you can enjoy tea conveniently and quickly when you are busy. The special tea capsules increase the bubble resistance of the tea leaves. 4g of tea can be brewed for more than 8 cups, and one tea can be drunk for a whole day.

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