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High borosilicate glass for kitchen airtight storage jars

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Material: High borosilicate glass, bamboo and wood

Craft: Handmade

Capacity: 450ml*3

Size: Diameter 80mm, Height 118mm, Bamboo Tray: 300*95*13mm

Specifications: 3 Cans + 1 Bamboo Tray

Weight: 761g

Life is inseparable from all kinds of bottles and jars.

If you want to live a more refined life, a small storage tank can solve the problem.

Used to store some candies, biscuits, coffee beans, cereals, herbal teas, etc.

It is not only for storage, but also very beautiful, and it can also observe the state of the food at any time.

As long as you have the mind, there are good times in the jars.


This teacup belongs to borosilicate glass, which is blown by hand (What is borosilicate glass?)

Straight up and down wide bottle mouth, easy to pour and clean.

The bamboo cover is made of high-pressure, cutting and grinding bamboo boards, with vegetable paint on the surface, which is not easy to get moldy.

The curved food-grade silicone ring closely fits the can body and is full of details.

High-quality wood + translucent glass brings warmth in the coolness. If it is accidentally broken one day, all materials can be recycled and made a contribution to environmental protection.


▶Because the product is hand-fired, there will be very little difference in size and shape, and in the process of hand-blowing, the glass is in contact with the air, and occasionally there will be fine air bubbles, but it does not affect the use and aesthetics.

This is a characteristic of handmade products, which is normal and unavoidable. Please be fully informed before purchasing.


Do not scald the bamboo cover with boiling water before use!It will damage the protective paint on the surface. Just rinse with warm water.

Sun exposure when not in use can prevent mildew and prolong its lifespan.

Glass is fragile and has a long transportation journey. If the tea set is damaged when you receive it, please contact us (lapsangstore@gamil.com) in time and we will reissue it for free.


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