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White Tea Brewing Guide

White Tea Brewing Guide:


Tea set: 150ml Tea Tureen (Gaiwan) or Purple Clay.

100℃ Hot Water for usage.

1st Step:Warm the Cup-Raise the temperature, suitable for shake the cup and smell the dried tea fragrance.

2nd Step: Put in 5 Gram Teas.

(Due to the different size tea set, the ratio of tea to water is controlled at about 1:30 its ok. Or add by one’s flavor)

Brewing: 95℃ Pure water is suitable, adding hot water smoothly. Steeping tea leaves for about 10s, add 5 seconds for further times of brewing.

(If Taste Tea Cake, don’t drink the first-time brewing, make the first brewing as the washing)

First four times brewing for short time. Gradually longer the time when after four times.

Pour the soup into the Sharing Cup fast passing tea leak, white tea usually has light apricot yellow and translucent soup.

Taste: Pour the soup from sharing cup to each tasting cup. Suitable with seven points full.