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Cold Tea Brew Guide

Natural and healthy cold-brewed tea is the first choice for refreshing summer!

Cold brewing is a process in which tea leaves and water slowly release substances at a constant low temperature. Compared with traditional hot tea, cold brewing can reduce the precipitation of some bitter substances such as tannins and caffeine in tea. Vegetables, polyphenols and sugars are still dissolved in the tea soup, which can greatly enhance the palatability of tea soup. It not only cools and relieves summer heat, but also produces body fluid and quenches thirst and increases appetite.

【Production Method】

When brewing tea with hot water, the tea soup will become very bitter after soaking for a long time, while cold brewing tea can be brewed for a long time, and the brewing method is very forgiving. You don’t need to pay attention to tea sets and tea skills. All you need to do is wait. Here are a few different ways of cold brewing for your reference:

Simple Method: buy a bottle of pure water, drink some, throw in an appropriate amount of tea, put it in the refrigerator for about 4 hours or at room temperature for about 2 hours, and you can drink it.

Advanced Method: put dry tea in the bottle, add mineral water/purified water, control the ratio of tea to 1:100 (for example: put 2g of dry tea into 200ml of water), and refrigerate it at 4 ℃ according to the following time, you can drink.

If the tea is pressed, tea cakes or balls, the flavor is better brewed with warm water.

Tea Suitable For Cold Brew 
Cold Brew Time For Different Tea Types
Green tea: Anji white tea, West Lake Longjing, Guzhang Maojian and other green tea with high fragrance or bud tea
2 Hours
White tea: Silver Needle, White Mu Dan, Moonlight White and other sweet white tea
4 Hours
Oolong tea: Taiwan Oolong, Tieguanyin, Phoenix Dancong, Fragrant Zhangping Narcissus and other fragrant Oolong teas
4 Hours
Flower tea: Fragrant scented tea such as Jasmine Pekoe and Jasmine Silver Needle
3 Hours
Black tea: Fei Zi Xiao, JunMei China-Golden Leaf, Taoyuan Chigan, Lingnan Shaoxiu and other black teas with high fragrance
7 Hours

 ③Ice Extraction Method: Take a small bowl of ice cubes, add tea, and drink after the ice cubes melt.

If you still have questions, please contact or message lapsangstore on instgram/Twitter.