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Difference between JunMei China and Zheng Shan Tang products.


JunMei China Series

Zheng Shan Tang Series



Mostly below $1 per gram

Higher Per gram cost in average

Normally, when black tea contains more leaves and less buds, the price is cheaper


Converge from China 10 major black tea producing regions, high quality material. Combining with modern technique

All came from Tongmu county, Wuyi mountain. Fujian Province. Where we invent the lapsang souchong.
Select the tea trees from only 1200-1500 meters above sea level. Most of them are high-aged tee trees.

Spent lot of years, travel around the China to find and select the tea regions. Keep the same taste. That is JunMei China. China Black Tea. We also set the standard of this tea in 2018 for market.


Benefit from the Jin Jun Mei modern technique, it tastes sweet and fragrant. We also have teas from one of the regions. If you want, sample pack will be your best choice with your formal order.

Mellow and Astringent, but black tea with bud is tasty and lovely smelled. If you want smoke dried and traditional, classic Black Tea, we have Product named: 1568, 1604 and Bense.

If black tea contains more bud, it will taste sweeter. If more leaves, the taste will be stronger and intense


Drink Plain.
Or explore more tastes and tell us your ideas!

Best consumed: Hot. Some Zheng Shan Tang products can brew for several cups from only 3-5 Gram.