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How to Make a Nice Cup of Traditional Chinese Tea----Lapsang Store

This Article can help better know the Black Tea Brewing. Hope you could like it.

Any questions, please email me: or message lapsangstore on instgram.


Black Tea:  

Tea Amount: 3-5 Grams. Can be added/decreased by your taste.

Tea Set: Gaiwan(盖碗) Better. Or any cups (better with infuser lid)

Water Temperature: 98-100°C


1st: Boil the water, use the boiling water to warm the empty tea cup and Gaiwan(盖碗).

2nd: Pour the boiling water out.

3rd: Putting the tea leaves in Gaiwan(盖碗), shake it, smell the fragrance of dried tea in warm place.

Putting the tea leaves in cup (if you don’t have the Gaiwan).

After the above steps, if cost time, water may lower the 90°C, boil the water again.

4th: Pour boiling water along the wall of the Gaiwan(盖碗). 80 percent full at most.

The more brewing times, the more steeping time. It depends on the quality of the tea and tea lover’s taste.

5th: After steeping, pouring the tea water into tasting cup(品茗). Pour the boil water into the Gaiwan for next brewing…

Tips: Without Gaiwan(盖碗). Please attention to the steeping time in water, too long will not excite the full taste value of black tea:-)


Frequent Asked Questions.

Q: What is Gaiwan?

A: Tradition China Tea Set, can easily control the tea sitting time in boiling water.


Q: Why Gaiwan is better? If use normal cups, what difference?

In China, tea set can be divided into three main parts. Porcelain Gaiwan(瓷盖碗), Glass Cup, Purple Clay Teapot.

Porcelain Gaiwan(瓷盖碗), dissipate the heat faster, shorter the brewing time, can maximize release the fragrance and taste of the tea. Most suitable for brew Black Tea, White tea and Oolong Tea.

Glass Cup(玻璃杯), suitable for viewing the tea leaves, normal brewing time between Porcelain Gaiwan and Purple Clay Teapot. Most suitable for brew the Green Tea.

Purple Clay Teapot, longer brewing time than above two. Most suitable for brew Pu’er.

You might wonder, why Purple Clay Teapot can make tea more mellow and smooth.

Answer is:

Because purple sand is a porous material with good air permeability, it will absorb tea juice, so brewing the same tea tea soup multiple times will make it richer and softer.

In addition, for daily convenient drinking, black tea and green tea can be directly put in the cup and drink.

By your flavor, 2-3 Gram tea with boiling water its ok!


Q: Why Tea from Zheng Shan Tang should use 100°C water to brew?

A: First, pure water is suitable for brewing the tea leaves. Using 100-degree temperature, can make tea water more bright, fragrant, not sour. Also by using this way, can easily judge whether its high mountain tea.


Q: How to correctly brew the best taste of Jin Jun Mei?

Same as normal brewing, better using the Gaiwan.

From first to third brewing, when pouring the water, keep the tea leaves not to sit more than 5s in water.

From 4th to 6th brewing, sit 5-10s in water.

Afte 6th, longer the time.

This Black Tea can brew for more than 12 times. View the gold brilliant tea soup, freshness taste. Sweety and fragrance:-)