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Xinyang Black Tea

When the handed-down techniques of Wuyi in the southern part of China are combined with the high mountains of Xinyang in the northern part of China, Zheng Shan Tang - Xinyang Black tea, concentrates the benevolence and harmony of the China central plains.

Xinyang   Black   Tea

High Quality Materials of China Black Tea
combined with Jin Jun Mei Innovated Craft.

Xinyang Black Tea

China - Xinyang, Henan Province, is located in the upper reaches of Huai River and the northern foot of Ta-pieh Mountains. Historic Ancient City. Has beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate.

Picking Standard

1 Bud with 2 Leaf

Splendid China Series Black Tea Collection

Highlighted different style of the raw materials of tea regions.

Blend of different local black tea characteristics of into one flavor Junmei China.

Xinyang Hong Mini Pack

Selecting Fresh 1 bud and 2 leaves of high quality tea tree.
Chestnut aroma with sweetness Tasting.


Jun Mei Hong

Ba Dong Hong

Meng Shan Hong

Pu An Hong

Dian Hong

Kuai Ji Hong

Xin Yang Hong

Xin An Hong

Gu Zhang Hong

Chao Ran Hong

More black teas coming soon...