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Tea Set-Leisure Time-Camel 余暇自在-骆驼

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Tea Set-Leisure Time-Camel余暇自在-骆驼

Material: Porcelain

Origin: Dehua, Fujian, China

Size: Teapot 9*8cm,Fair cup 9*7cm,Tea cup 6.6*3.6cm,Tea towel 49*10.8cm

Capacity: Teapot 110ml, Fair cup 250ml, tea cup 60ml.

What is included in the tea set?

This tea set includes 8 accessories:Gaiwan/brewing teacup*1,fair cup*1,tasting cups*2, handbag*1, travel bag*1 and tea towel*1.

Gaiwan/brewing teacup:The lid of the cup is cleverly designed with the lid knob is in the shape of a camel.It means that tea leaves are transported to the world through the Silk Road.The bottom of the lid has its own tea strainer function.Very convenient and practical.

Fair Cup: Made of the simplest glass material,the color of the tea broth can be clearly viewed.The spherical shape of the mouth allows for a better concentration of tea flavor.

Tea Towel: The purpose of a tea towel is to wipe away the tea broth that accidentally spills during brewing.It can also be used as a tea mat.Also can be placed underneath the tea set to be nicer.

Gift box: In addition to storage, the tea set gift can also be used as a tissue box.Simple and environmentally friendly.Finally, we can stack them in layers and use a travel bag for storage.Save space and easy to carry.

Overall,It is suitable for use outdoors, at picnics, or while traveling.Brewing any type of tea is no problem.It takes up little luggage space after storage. It is light to carry and will not be crushed.I hope this tea set can bring you a moment of leisure and free time.

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