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Tea Region - Yunnan Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan Black tea, Big leaf kind fragrance in Yun nan province.

Anyone who has drunk Zheng Shan Tang Dian Yunnan Black tea has been amazed by its aroma. As a unique big-leaf black tea in the Splendid China series, Zheng Shan Tang Yunnan Black tea is known for its outstanding quality.

It is made from the high-altitude high quality big-leaf tea buds in Fengqing County, the hometown of the world's Yunnan Black Tea, and is based on Zheng Shantang's more than 400 years of heritage black tea making technique, innovated and made with devotion.

In Fengqing territory, rain and heat in the same season, dry and cool in the same season, mild climate, sunshine, warm in winter and cool in summer, rains often, dry and humid depart. The local forest is dense, and the deciduous dead grasses form a deep humus layer, and the soil is fertile. High content of other ingredients.

Fengqing County has a long history of tea cultivation and tea making, and there is a 3200-year-old cultivated ancient tea tree, the Xiangzhu turnip, before the Republic of China. More than 20,000 acres of ancient tea plantations and 30,000 acres of wild ancient tea trees are cultivated. The Yunnan black tea produced here is famous both at home and abroad, and has been presented as a national gift to the Queen of England, the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and other foreign dignitaries.

The result is this tea that will leave you wanting more, from its appearance to its taste! The tea leaves are tightly knotted and fat, and the golden hairs are distinctive. rich and lasting aroma, mellow and fresh smooth taste, The aftertaste is obvious, and the leaves are bright red and uniform.

Combining the excellent raw materials from the nine provinces with the finest production areas, Zheng Shan Tang is crafted by a team of experienced tea masters to combine the flavors of nine types of Jun Mei black teas. Yunnan black tea, Junmei black tea, Xinyang black tea, Huijie black tea, Pu'an black tea, Mengshan black tea, Badong black tea, Guzhang black tea, Xin'an black tea, are congealed into a cup of China. A Classic Taste. Junmei China Black Tea, stunning the China tea world.

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