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Tea Region - Pu'an Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Pu'an Black Tea

Historical town with Thousand years of big leaf tea.

(Wanfeng Forest, Guizhou province)

With the slightest change in the subtropical humid monsoon climate, the original ecological tea hills of Pu'an in China's Guizhou province are coated in a layer of blue and daffodil. Veil. Spring warm breeze, the wilderness and pure sky, China's tea country treasures - Pu'an Black tea, inherit the world's tea source of ancient rhyme, and the Chinese black tea.


China's Guizhou black tea has a long history to talk.

Pu'an, China, in the south-east of Guizhou province, is known as the "Hometown of Ancient Tea Trees". Two million years ago, the ancient tea tree, called Siqiu Ancient Tea Tree, was found in Guizhou. The junction of southwest Qianxi province Pu'an Qinglong town. Pu'an County now has more than 20,000 wild SiQiu ancient tea trees, the longest of which can reach four or five thousand years old, and has been identified by experts as the oldest tea tree in the world. Pu'an, belonging to the Wumeng Mountains in the southwest of the Qiannan Plateau, is one of the earliest tea areas in Guizhou Province to introduce Yunnan big-leaved species. In the 1980s, Yunnan big-leaved species was introduced to Pu'an in Guizhou's Qianxi Province, where it is found at high altitude, it has adapted to the new growth environment, the inner quality of a certain change, but also benefited from the mountains and rivers of years of accumulation, taste The thicker and sweeter, it forms an ancient tea tree rich thyme in Puan characteristics.

(Puan County)


(Pu'an Black tea press conference)


(Pu'an Siqiu tea tree,Tree age:3200 years)


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