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Tea Region - Kuaiji Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Kuaiji Black Tea

Kuaiji Black teaTop black tea in eastern China

When talk about Jiangnan in China, people always associate the Wupeng boat, the Black Ink painting and the misty rain, the same gray, knowing it was spent, but I do not know flowers fragrant

And Shaoxing, is the most beautiful place in the South of the Yangtze River, its the most affluent city in the past,  and the most beautiful city in the South, the beauty of China's landscape and the poetry of the South in this blend; its location in Eastern China Coastal, southern Yangtze River delta,  now it’s the culture origination of Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province ; also as a famous city, have” the nation, tour divine spot of the mansion, cultural object of land of plenty, silk tea" of call.

In more than 2500 years of history, the ancient city of Shaoxing has nurtured the spiritual beauty of Kuaiji Mountain and deep humanistic heritage, known as " The city of beautiful scenery", "the state of historical relics", "the place of celebrities". Shaoxing Kuaiji Mountain, the first of the nine famous mountains in ancient times, known as "Mountain of God", has a deep and long humanistic heritage. It is the place where great Yu, pacified the floods and restored the country; where King Zhou restored the nation in hard environment; where poet Wang Xizhi, Xie An and Sun Chuo met. Lanting, compiled into the Lanting Poems; Lu You and Tang Wan meet in Shen Garden, create the touching poet Phoenix Hairpin. Here is also a place of celebrities, " Sage of Calligraphy" Wang Xizhi, famous poet of the Tang Dynasty He Zhizhang, modern literary giant Lu Xun, the modern era. Cai Yuanpei, a leading scholar, Qiu Jin, a patriotic revolutionary; Ma Yinchu, a famous economist and educator; Wu Juenong, a contemporary tea sage and other celebrities are all from this place.

Today, Shaoxing has 8 national and provincial scenic spots, more than 3600 cultural heritage and national intangible Cultural Heritage, known as "a museum without walls".

Kuaiji Mountain

The beauty of the landscape and cultural prosperity complement each other, the achievements of a generation of celebrities and scholars, also breeds a good tea. Shaoxing is well known as "the hometown of Chinese tea culture". Tea production has a long history, tea culture is profound, raised in the Han Dynasty on the planting, harvesting and drinking tea customs. Lu Yu in the "the classic of the tea" in praise of the tea here, Shaoxing landscape for the low hills, the territory cross the rivers, the mountains, have southern warm and humid climate, four distinct seasons, especially for all kinds of The growth of crops. Shaoxing territory rolling the tea mountains, all the number of the tea scene, tea garden area in the province of Zhejiang accounted for the first, with the development of tea industry is blessed with Conditions.


Jiangnan's mountains and rivers moisten the land of Shaoxing's deep cultural heritage, the ancient city of a thousand years of long history of culture and give mountains and rivers. The spiritual charm. Therefore, this place has beautiful scenery, rich culture raises the famous tea rhyme.

Kuaiji black tea is nurtured in such a natural fertile land and cultural holy land. This tea is a blend of the essence of Kuaiji Mountain and the poetry of Jiangnan's picturesque scenery and humanities. The beautiful mountains and rivers of Jiangnan.

 Kuaiji black tea, the leaves of which are harvested from the original ecology of Kuaiji Mountain and protected as a globally important agricultural cultural heritage Tea Tree. This tea is the result of Zheng Shan Tang's more than 400 years of perseverance and inheritance of black tea, adhering to the philosophy of ecological tea making and healthy tea making. Refined by innovative technology. Observe its shape is handsome, with slender and curly cords, dark and lustrous; enjoy its clear and bright soup, amber in color; smell its fragrance, long and fresh. Aromas of flowers, fruits and honey, with a fresh and sweet taste; tasting its mild and mellow taste, with obvious sweetness, smooth the mouth; looking at the uniformity of its bottom, the color is like bronze, we leaves shaped like pine needles, and still has an aftertaste and long throat rhyme after more than ten brewing. In a word: this tea, "contains the style of Kuaiji, melting WuYi charm, get the taste of Jiangnan".

Kuaiji Black tea, from the preparatory construction in 2012 to the official listing in 2013, the emergence of Kuaiji Black tea has created a new era for the quality black tea in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province and brand-new market pattern, is the revival of Shaoxing black tea industry.

Chinese black tea has variety of style, but Kuaiji black tea, which merge the tea rhyme of Kuaiji Mountain and the flavor of Shaoxing, is really the "best black tea in the Jiangnan area". ". Tasting Kuaiji Black tea, recalling the ancient charm of Jiangnan.


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