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Tea Region - Badong Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Badong Black Tea

Explore Badong

Badong, where the Shen Nung [2600B.C.] discovered tea at this area.

In the secret place at 30 degrees north latitude.

leaning against the Shennongjia in the north and the Wuling Mountains in the south

It is the breeding ground of tea culture and tea industry and has a long history of the tea.

Bashan tea plantation ecological environment-Good tea grows in good environment.


As one of the ancient birthplaces of tea, the history of tea production in Badong can be traced back to 2700 years ago, both with the dual nature and humanities dense Advantage.


Badong unique natural ecological conditions, has both "Wushan mountain cloud rain of the aura, Yi ling area of the refreshing" suitable for tea environment, with” high mountain clouds and fog out of the unique terrain of "famous tea", coupled with the advantages of selenium-rich, Badong tea has always occupied a place in the market, as early as the Tang Dynasty. Badong town tribute tea became famous in Chang an (the capital of the Tang Dynasty).

Enshi city, known as the world's selenium city, its culture is widely spread in China.

The tea produced in Badong is rich in selenium, which is a rare organic tea raw material due to natural gifts.

Selenium-rich tea is special local product of Enshi city, it grows in the original high mountains above sea level of 1000, "selenium" is called the "king of cancer prevention" of the trace

elements by scientists, can improve the human immune function.


Unique Tujia tea culture

Badong belongs to Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and the Tujia family accounts for 43% of the total population. Drinking tea is not only the daily life of the Tujia, but also a kind of ritual, oil tea soup, tea in four ways, tea in a pot, etc. are unique Tea Diet of the Tujia.


The tea of the Tujia region has long been into the "official royalty" family, the sheep's milk mountain in Badong was the base of tribute tea, in history tea is the famous tribute of the Tujia region to the central of the dynasty.

Hundreds of tea farmers living in the mountains create a "tea song" in the labor and production, the traditional tea culture of the Tujia family has been passed down to this day, and become unique China tea culture.

Zheng Shan Tang (Lapsang)-Badong Black Tea.

With the mission of reviving and promoting Chinese black tea, Zheng Shan Tang brings the innovative black tea processing of Jin Jun Mei to Badong for the first time. More than 400 years of black tea culture and production techniques, devotion to the production, and the creation of Zheng Shan Tang - Badong black tea. Become the "originated from the Shennongjia Growing in the Wuling Mountains, produced by the Yangtze River, "black tea treasures!


Badong Black Tea -Dried leaves


Zheng Shan Tang - Badong black tea, the shape of the cord is tight and thin, the color is moist, golden yellow and black.

Badong Black Tea liquid: Golden translucent Color, with golden ring around the cup edge; light aroma which show the flowers and fruit; taste sweet, smooth, full, sweet obvious. The water of Shennong River in Badong, accompanied by the China Three Gorges valley of the tea fragrance, dial between the tea, the fragrance is fully revealed.


Badong black tea wet leaves color is tender and bright red. With a long history of ancient tea origins, selenium-rich tea, combined with Zheng Shan Tang innovative technology, let you enjoy the Badong tea culture, taste a product of the Badong best tea.

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