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Tea Region - Xinyang Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Xinyang Black Tea

From the founding of the Jin Jun Mei to the Xinyang black tea.


When the handed-down techniques of Wuyi in the southern part of China are combined with the high mountains of Xinyang in the northern part of China, Zheng Shan Tang - Xinyang Black tea, concentrates the benevolence and harmony of the China centra plains.

 China - Xinyang, Henan Province, is located in the upper reaches of Huai River and the northern foot of Ta-pieh Mountains. Historic Ancient City. Has beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate,

 From a bird's-eye view of Xinyang, the beautiful mountains and rivers of Huainan and the wild plains of Huainan and Huaibei blend into each other, creating a natural scenery in which the soft south and the hard-north blend into each other. Here, you can feel the profoundness of Chinese tea culture.


(Xinyang Scenery)


Throughout the history of tea production in Xinyang, Xinyang Shihe District should be mentioned. Xinyang Shihe District, is China's northern tea region, is a subtropical to warm temperate transition zone, with significant monsoon climate characteristics. For four distinct seasons, it has abundant light (average annual temperature 15.1 ℃ per year), abundant rainfall (average rainfall of 1109 mm per year), and the soil is fertile and suitable for vegetation growth. Jia Mu Shen Cong -tea tree, in this beautiful land - Henan, exhale fragrance, show the charm at all.

Shihe District, Xinyang City, Shihe District Tea Hill, the average elevation between 300 and 800 meters, the soil is deep loose, humus content more and high fertility (PH value between 4-6.5) These provide rich nutrients for the growth of tea trees. The plant here enjoys high mountain clouds and fog, heavy rainfall, moist air (relative humidity of more than 75%). The sun rises late and falls earlier, with the significant temperature difference between day and night. The tea buds and leaves grow slowly, accumulate more active substances. The tea growing in this area has a long growth cycle, but rich accumulation of organic matter, few pests and diseases, and excellent tea quality. Famous Poet Su Dongpo (In China Northern Song Dynasty) called this "Xinyang Black tea is the first in the Huainan area".

  Now back to our product Zheng Shan Tang- Xinyang black tea: Same raw materials specially selected from the original mountain tea hill lapsang varieties and Xinyang unique tea breed named Xinyang 10th,  combined with more than 400 years of black tea culture and tea-making techniques inherited from Zheng Shan Tang and innovative technology of the Jin Jun Mei, upholds the ecological concept of harmony between man and nature by experienced tea makers with great respect. Its dry leaves is meaningful and elegant, the color is moist, with golden, yellow and black; the liquid color is clear, with golden rings; the aroma is fragrant, rich and full; the taste is mellow and rich. The "Xinyang Rhyme", a perfect blend of chestnut and Osmanthus aromas, shows the sweetness of ecological tea in Xinyang tea area. It has a long and refreshing taste in the mouth, like going into the mangrove tea mountains in the morning and experiencing the beautiful landscape of Xinyang.

In 2010, Zheng Shan Tang (Lapsang) Tea Company in many visits, in line with the guidance of based on resources, play characteristics, deep cultivation of humanities, do the brand propaganda. The two parties agreed on the goal of the joint project to develop "Zheng Shan Tang - Xinyang Black tea". Since then, this black tea with local characteristics, due to its safety, healthy, natural quality and unique taste, has been popular among consumers. Sought after, not only let many tea lovers enjoy the charm of the "Northern Jiangnan" black tea, but also promote the Xinyang black Tea industry development to meet the needs of consumers, and then become a business card of Henan black tea.

In 2013, the successful registration of "Xinyang Black tea" Geographical Indication Certification Trademark marks the transformation of Xinyang tea's geographical advantages into an industry and an Economic brand, greatly enhance the Xinyang black tea brand image, improve the additional value of tea agricultural products, enhance market competitiveness, while driving more tea farmers on the road to wealthy, become the booster of local economic development.

 With the magnificence of tea, the peace of humans, the Zheng Shan Tang· XinYang Black tea is made with piety, so that everyone who likes tea, in every drop of tea soup, every scent of tea, feel the grace and the charm of China Huaishang culture.


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