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Tea Region - Guzhang Black Tea - Lapsangstore

Tea Region - Guzhang Black Tea

Zheng Shan Tang (Lapsang) - Guzhang Black tea.

Guzhang black tea: a tea in the dream of Xiangxi region

Zheng Shan Tang assembles the finest raw materials from nine black tea producing areas.

Strictly following the Jun Mei process and standards.


Nine flavors of classic black tea made with the finest craftsmanship.

Lapsang -Splendid China black tea.

Explore Guzhang.

Guzhang city, in the western part of Hunan.

within the territory of the Wuling Mountains, high mountains and deep valleys.

It is a fertile land of deep tea country.


Guzhang - Thousand Years Black tea town

Guzhang start planting tea originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago. Guzhang tea first been recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty that been listed as the Royal tribute


Guzhang Mountains and fertile land.

Guzhang territory lies across the Wuling Mountains, lush forests, streams, clouds and mist, abundant rainfall, mild climate, fertile soil, and Rich in phosphorus, it is the world's tea "golden industrial zone".

Guzhang black tea is not only beautiful in appearance, but also rich in nutrients, which has a strong aroma and sweet aftertaste after brewing. Due to the unique ecological geographical conditions.


Guzhang – Xiang Xi region traditional tea drinking activities.

People lived in multi-ethnic settlement, rich in ethnic characteristics of numerous folk activities, and most of them are related to tea, such as the four courses of drinking tea, Hakka Lui Cha, all produced by the fusion of the tea and its ethnic culture.

Lapsang Splendid China, Guzhang black tea:

Use more than 50 years old tea tree as raw material, lapsang innovated process, with the utmost care and precision.

Splendid China – Guzhang black tea, show the tight and heavy dry leaves; the tea liquor is gold yellow, bright and translucent, with golden ring around; aroma is Long lasting - a combination of floral, honey and fruit aroma; fresh, sweet and delicate taste with rhyme of fir; sip, sweet after tasting and lingering fragrance. Lasting.


A cup of Guzhang black tea, fragrant, sweet and delicate, the aftertaste is endless, just like a thousand-turning dream of Xiangxi culture, making people long-lasting steeped.


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