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Tea set-Malus Spectabilis on the Moon月上海棠

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Tea set-Malus Spectabilis on the Moon月上海棠 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Product Name: Tea set-Malus Spectabilis on the Moon

Origin: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

Product Info:

This tea set as a whole presents warm and elegant pink and green tones, ice clear and elegant, simple and generous.

Tea Pot: The shape of the teapot is round and plump, making it easier to handle than a gaiwan. The porcelain texture is suitable for brewing all types of tea, and there is a spherical strainer design inside the mouth of the pot to make the water flow more smoothly.

Teapot stand:

Pot Mat: The pot mat is used to take the excess water in the process of making tea and keep the table clean and tidy. The begonia is soft and gentle in shape and is placed underneath to make the teapot more compact and elegant.

Gongdao Cup: The Gong Dao cup is made of the simplest glass material, which can clearly view the color of the tea broth, crystal clear and bright.

The design of the hawk's beak at the mouth of the cup allows for good control of the tea soup and is full of details.

Tasting Cups: With Chinese word 花好月圆 in the bottom which means signifies good luck, slightly ruffled, resembling the blooming of flower stamens, dignified and generous.

Tea Towel: Made of suede material with good water absorption.

What is included in the tea set?

It contains a total of nine components: teapot, pot holder, fair cup, three tasting cups, gift box, carrying bag, and a tea towel.

(The tea site setup in the picture is not included)

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