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2014 Convenient Squeezed Gong Mei(贡眉) White Tea

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3 reviews

Brand: Lin Feiying, sub-brand of Zheng Shan Tang, was named by National Review Senior Tea master. Made white tea only.

Product: 小巧玲珑(Small, easy and exquisite) Gongmei White Tea.

Net Weight: 60g. 12 x 5g

Easy to brew, just need hot water, only 1 minute can brew a nice cup of tea. Dried tea like a biscuit.

Difference between Gongmei and Shoumei:

In summary, Gongmei(贡眉)‘s ingredient standard is higher than Shoumei. 

Gongmei贡眉:Take the tender shoots of group-grown tea species as raw materials.

Shoumei寿眉:Take big white tea, narcissus or the tender shoots or leaves of group-grown tea species as raw materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
young Chung

Very subtle, yet indeed exquisite flavor. Easy to prepare thanks to an individual package. Shipping to California was also super fast! Thank you.

Thank you for sharing~It is the old white tea of 2014. If you taste it carefully, you can feel its jujube and medicine fragrance.And its taste is very smooth and mellow. It is very clean and has no miscellaneous flavor for an old tea~~

Minha Cho
Lovely tea

Lovely summer tea! These days, I drink this tea everyday. I love the perfect balance of fragrance and sweetness of this tea.

Thank you so much for posting your likes~A cup of tea a day is really a very comfortable feeling !

Eunbi Lee
great taste

I love this tea!