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Daily Tea Collection

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Great Value Daily Tea Collection!

▶JunMei China-Osmanthus Fragrans Black Tea 50g Tin

Osmanthus has the functions of strengthening the spleen and tonifying deficiency, dispelling cold and warming the stomach. Drinking with black tea can relieve cough and phlegm, soothe the liver and regulate qi. A cup during working hours, the entrance is full of floral and honey fragrance, sweet and moist, very comfortable.

▶JunMei China -Lingnan Shaoxiu(岭南韶秀)Yingde Black Tea 50g Tin

This tea is a unique honey-scented black tea made from the fresh leaves of the strong-flavored large-leaf tea tree in Shaozhou and Yingde areas of Lingnan, Guangdong Province, combined with sophisticated craftsmanship.

Chigan(赤甘) Fruity Fragrance Black Tea 50g Tin

Lapsang Souchong black tea with peach aroma, made from high-fragrant varieties,  sweet and mellow.

▶YuanZheng JunMei NiceTea -Han Xiu(含秀) 50gTin

This black tea is made from the tea buds of the high-quality tea trees in Wuyi Mountain, and is produced by the Jin Junmei process. It has a sweet honey fragrance and is very suitable for drinking as a daily ration tea.

▶YuanZheng Jasmine Tea "碧潭飘雪" Strong Aroma Type 90g

This jasmine tea is made from blooming jasmine and high mountains Maofeng green tea, combined with traditional jasmine craftsmanship, and made by three-scenting and one-frying. The tea not only maintains the combination of floral fragrance and tea flavor, but also adds a complete jasmine flower, which is swaying. The tea soup is bright yellow and green, mellow and sweet, and jasmine fragrance is strong.

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