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3 reviews

2024 Anji Bai 安吉白茶 Green Tea

It is called white tea because the tea tree appears white in the early days. The amino acid content is the highest in green tea, and it has a special freshness.

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No preservatives


From Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Around 1970, a forestry worker in Anji County found a clump of white tea bushes over 100 years old in a bamboo forest. Large-scale planting. Although it is not a famous tea with a long history, it has won the love of many tea lovers with its fresh taste.

Anji County has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate. Its general characteristics are: sufficient sunlight, mild climate, abundant rainfall, and four distinct seasons, which are suitable for the growth of crops.


Picking standard: 1 bud 1 leaf
Taste: Fresh and mellow, fragrant floral aroma, long-lasting fragrance


Why Choose Us ?

Safety: Choosing branded tea products means that every sip of tea you drink has been tested for food safety.

Service: All your orders are shipped via DHL/SF/EMS express, we bear the customs duties

High-end: As the inventor of Jinjunmei and a company inheriting Lapsang Souchong, what we hear most from new customers is“This is definitely the best tea I’ve ever had”

Frequently asked questions

Anji white tea is produced in Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, and is made from young leaves of "Baiye No. 1"(White Leaf No.1). This tea tree is a unique "low temperature sensitive" tea tree variety. The buds show a white color in the beginning of spring (temperature <23°C), and gradually return to full green after the temperature rises.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heeyeon Kim
Taste good!

Beautiful curved green leaves and taste like a grain.

Chen Wang
My favroite green tea

Anji white tea is light and refreshing. It has a mild sweetness which is accompanied by a hint of vegetal note, reminiscent of spring greens. The tea brews into a light green liquor, which further accentuates its gentle and elegant natural.

Vadym Sydoruk
Top quality tea

The taste is refreshingly delicate and soothing, with a slight hint of orchid sweetness in its aroma. A top quality tea indeed