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Green Tea / Yellow Tea / Floral Tea Brew Guide

This article can help you better understand the brewing of Green Tea/Yellow Tea/Floral Tea.If you still have questions, please contact or message lapsangstore on instgram/Twitter.

The taste of green tea is fresh and refreshing, while the taste of yellow tea is mellow and sweet, and the aroma of flower tea is high. In fact, green tea and yellow tea are made in the same way and the degree of fermentation is similar, and the same brewing method can be used.
Most of the scented tea uses green tea as the tea base, and the brewing method is the same as that of green tea. If it is an innovative scented tea, using black tea/white tea as the tea base, please refer to the brewing method of black tea/white tea. 

1st Method: Cover A Bowl For Brewing

2st Method: Brew For Glass

1st Method: Cover A Bowl For Brewing

Step 1: Prepare 85-90 ℃ pure water. Most green tea has a low degree of foam resistance, and the material precipitation rate is relatively fast, so using 85 ℃ water temperature brewing can better take into account the taste and foam resistance.
Step 2: Warm the cup, raise the temperature of the bowl with boiling water to stimulate the aroma of the tea, and rinse the tea set by the way.
Step 3: Pour the tea, while the gaiwan is warm, put the tea into the gaiwan (3-5g).
Step 4: Shake, gently shake the bowl from side to side twice.
Step 5: Smell the fragrance, open a small mouth and smell it, the floral fragrance/fried bean fragrance is fragrant.
Step 6: Brew, slowly pour water along cup from the lower left corner and pull it up in a clockwise circle. The aroma will be higher after brewing.
Step 7: Pour the soup. When brewing flower tea, 1-3 courses are soak for 5 s, and 4-6 courses are soak for 5-15 s. If it is a cake tea such as Jasmine Dragon Pearl , 1 course should be discarded and not drunk as a washing tea.
Step 8: Share the tea, evenly divide the tea soup into each tea cup.
Step 9: Taste the tea, smell the aroma, observe the color of the soup, and taste the taste.


【緑茶コレクションG】10種類緑茶 ミニバッグコレクション

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2st Method: Brew For Glass

① Daily Brewing Guide
If you don’t want to worry about how to brew green tea, this method can easily complete the steps of smelling/brewing/drinking, and you can quickly drink a cup of tea.

Step 1: Pour tea, put in 2-3g green tea.
Step 2: Add water, add 1/3 water, use 85℃ pure water.
Step 3: Smell the fragrance, shake the glass gently, and smell the fragrance. The floral/fried bean aroma is fresh and quiet.
Step 4: Add water, add water to 70% full.
Step 5: Taste, let stand for 1-2 minutes before drinking. Be careful not to soak for a long time, taste is easy to be bitter. Use a Crescent moon cup to brew, you can avoid the tea entering your mouth.


②Add Water First
This method is suitable for delicate or unshaped tea leaves, such as Xinyang Maojian信阳毛尖, Mengding Ganlu蒙顶甘露, etc., add water first and then add tea, which is less likely to scald the tea leaves and maintain the taste and foam resistance of the tea leaves.

Step 1: Add water, prepare 85 ℃ pure water,add water to 70% full.
Step 2: Pour tea, gently pull the tea leaves off the water.
Step 3: Taste,after the tea buds naturally stretch and fall, you can drink it.

③Add Tea First
This method is suitable for green teas made from shaped or picked leaves, such as Taiping Houkui太平猴魁. Add tea first and then water, it is easier to separate out the substances contained in tea and keep the taste fresh.

Step 1: Pour tea,put in 3-4g tea leaves.
Step 2: Add water,add 85 ℃ pure water to 70% full.
Step 3: Taste,after the tea buds naturally stretch, you can drink it.


Recommended to use a glass with a tea filter-Crescent moon green tea cup. Not only can you see the shape of the tea leaves, but you will not have to worry about drinking tea when you drink tea.

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