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Jin Jun Mei 2020 Spring black tea on sale for now!

Jin Jun Mei 2020 Spring black tea on sale for now!

A cup of Lapsong spring tea.

Enjoy the essence of the four seasons

2020 Jin Jun Mei Spring Tea

Open sale on April 15.

From tea hills to cups

Located in Tongmu county of Wuyi Mountain, where spring is always "one step behind", Before you drink it, you'll be half-sound and half-drunk. Shield the noise, solemnly, just to quietly wait for this cup of spring tea.

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, which is a world cultural and natural heritage site, rich in species, complete biological chains, and forested mountains. The landscape of high mountains and deep valleys is very conducive to the growth of tea trees.

The average altitude of Camellia Hill is 800 ~ 1500 meters, high altitude, low temperature, high Precipitation, humidity, and long fog days and other advantages of growth. The climatic conditions make the tea tree rich in intrinsic nourishment.

The special natural geography of the protected area makes the soil distribution and properties unique. The main zone of tea distribution in the zone has a soil pH of 4.5-5 and a soil thickness of 30-90 cm, which makes the soil naturally High fertility.

The tea trees of Zheng Shan Spring Tea are grown in the pristine, high-altitude tea hills, with clusters of tea trees scattered in mountain streams, and wild forest trees. The symbiosis of flowers and grasses, the formation of a unique microclimate, natural purity, make the spring tea of excellent quality.

The Jin Jun Mei is very strict about raw materials. Only spring buds are picked once a year, with light green buds on top grade, light yellow and purple buds in the middle, and dark green buds in second place. The buds should be picked on the same day and made on the same day, but not on rainy days.

After picking, the tea buds are made by experienced old tea masters. It is the precise control of temperature, humidity and time that makes the tea liquid both gold and clear.

Because of the centuries of skill inheritance and continuous innovation that the richness and taste of the high-quality tea buds can be perfectly presented. Zheng Shan Tang's spring tea contains more than 400 years of precipitation of black tea culture and skill inheritance, condensed the beauty of natural and the hard work of the farmers.

Multiple factors such as the timing, geographical location, and human harmony can create the quality of "clear, fragrant and sweet" of the Jin Jun Mei spring tea, which is sweet in the mouth and mellow when brewing. The sweetness is sweet, with a long-lasting and clear aftertaste.

The first brewing, clear, fresh, fragrant. A wave of flowers, fruits and nectar impacted the sense of smell and taste, straight through the organs.

The second brewing, the tea liquid becomes more lubricious, the aroma is more full-bodied and fragrant, floral, fruity, honey, wonderful.

In the third brewing, the bottom taste of mellow tea is gradually revealed, and the lips and teeth are sweet, without astringency, full of warmth, especially suitable for full aftertaste. Still have the flavor after twelve or thirty brewing.


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