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Mother`s Day Gift

From April 25th to May 15th
① Free shipping on all orders over $50
② Enjoy 30% off on the following 42 items
③ Free Tea, Eco bag or Tea set based on order value
Based on the actual payment amount of the order

Enjoy Free Gift With Full Order

Over $100,
free random sample foam*3 + a flower tote bag.

Over $200,
free random sample foam*3 + a flower tote bag.

Over $55

Free Random Sample
Mini Bag*3
A flower tote bag

Over $100

Free BaDong High Mountain Cloud Black Tea 150g Tin

Over $200

Free Tea Set
Time Camel

The following series are all 30% off sale!

3 Yin Jun Mei(Junmei Silver) Black Tea Mini Bags - Lapsangstore
3 Aged Fir Narcissus Black Tea Mini Bags - Lapsangstore
Yuanzheng Old Tree Black Tea 60g Tin - Lapsangstore
Floral Souchong・Black Tea - Lapsangstore
Save 34%
Floral Souchong花香小种 Wuyi Black Tea 50g Tin[LP06]

3 reviews
From $35.10 USD $53.47 USD
Zhengshantang Hanfen Non-Smoked Lapsang Souchong Gift Box - Lapsangstore
Yin Jun Mei银骏眉 Black Tea 50G Tin[ZST04]

1 review
From $93.55 USD
Beixi Tang·QingKe·Tasting Cup - Lapsangstore
北溪堂·汀溪杯-Tasting Cup - Lapsangstore
北溪堂·聆云杯Beixi Tang·LingYun·Tasting Cup - Lapsangstore

1 review
$20.65 USD
Yuan Zheng-Green Mandarin Pu'er  90g/Bag - Lapsangstore
Save 24%
Yuan Zheng WuYi Jasmine Black Tea 100g Tin-Lapsangstore