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Yixing宜兴 Zisha Pot Purple Clay Teapot-大彬圈钮

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 Capacity: 170ml

Suitable for brewing any kind of tea.

Use of Yixing purple sand clay only. 

No "master" premiums. Suitable for teaware beginners.

Product: 宜兴紫砂壶-大彬圈钮

Raw Material: 降坡泥Slope mud from Huanglong Mountain Yixing City.

The spout has mesh. Smooth pouring.


By using precious without pickling old mud, if teapot has Iron black spots.

It is a normal phenomenon. 

The surface of the clay is oily.

Oily, many pot enthusiasts, do not understand this term. I often hear the words, " This pot, the clay is the slope mud, it is very oily." Clay with oiliness?

A good clay, the ore itself is rich in oiliness. The cross-section of good ore, repeatedly scraped flat, you will vaguely see a bit of oiliness, just like jade, good jade itself is very moist, more like mutton fat over time, but poor jade, how many years will not have this effect. Purple sand clay is also the same.

The oiliness of a Purple Clay pot is inherent in the purple clay ore. The other characteristics of purple clay can be blended out artificially, but only the oiliness is not easy to change. If the oily nature of the mine is good, the oily nature of the made pot will also be good. When raising it, it just excites its oily nature, plus making tea, the tea oil in the tea leaves percolates out of the pot surface, forming a natural cladding; while a poorly oily pot can only rely on the tea oil on the surface and the oil adsorption on the hand to form a false cladding, not stable and without depth.

With good clay, when you drench it with hot water, it feels like the oil comes out from inside, and then seems to shrink in after cooling. It takes a long time to soak and raise the clay, the formation of the clay, often slower than the false clay, each clay is different, you need to get your hands on it, slowly compare and feel.

What is Aging/Old Mud?

After the mined clay has been tumbled, crushed, weathered, ground, sieved, and mixed with water, it is made into wet clay lumps of appropriate size and stored in a dark, humid place (such as a cellar) to improve the properties of the clay. This process is called the aging of purple sand clay.

Why does the clay of Purple Clay teapot need to be aged?

1, the aging of purple sand clay is conducive to the oxidation and hydrolysis of the clay.

2. Bacteria are involved in the aging process, and these bacteria can promote the decay of organic matter and produce organic acids.

3、After the organic matter in the clay becomes colloidal, it becomes loose and uniform, and the plasticity will be further improved, which is more conducive to the molding and firing of purple clay products.

4、After the firing of the clay which has been aged for a long time, compared with the unaged one, it will become soft and jade-like because of the retreat of fire, and its hue will be deepened. Under the same firing atmosphere and temperature, the aged clay will make a more harmonious pot, which is why the longer the clay is aged, the better it is.

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