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ISTea AI Capsule Tea Maker Tea Capsule

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4 Flavor Mix(Jun mei + Lapsang Souchong + Lichi Black Tea+ Shoumei White Tea ) 40 Tea Capsules
Traditional Lapsang Souchong Black Tea(醇韵小种红茶) 40 Tea Capsules
Junmei Souchong Black Tea(骏眉小种红茶) 40 Tea Capsules
Litchi Souchong Black Tea(荔枝香小种红茶) 40 Tea Capsules
Fuding Shoumei White tea(福鼎寿眉白茶) 40 Tea Capsules
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How to Brew
Bud & Leaf Black Tea

This capsule is compatible with Nestlé Dolce Gusto coffee machines, so you can use it on your coffee machine to enjoy a cup of Chinese tea conveniently and quickly.

What kind of tea can I drink?

All capsule teas of Zhengshantang are universal, and there are currently four flavors:

① At the sight of golden cloud: Junmei Black Tea - Flower and Fruity Fragrance

②At the sight of Chixia: Junmei Black Tea - Sweet Longan

③ At first sight of the lotus wind: Junmei black tea - lychee fragrance

④ At first sight of Qingxia: Fuding Shoumei White Tea - Jujube Fragrance

The raw materials of tea are all provided by Zhengshantang, with quality assurance. (To purchase capsules, click here)

We will continue to introduce new capsules in various flavors, such as Longjing and other green teas.

What is the difference between the taste of capsule tea soup and brewing in a gaiwan?

ISTea AI tea maker is produced by Zhengshantang. Even if you don’t know how to use a gaiwan, you can easily drink a cup of tea. Although it is impossible to fully feel the aroma of tea, it saves the steps of preparing utensils, boiling water, pouring tea, brewing, and making soup, and you can enjoy tea conveniently and quickly when you are busy. The special tea capsules increase the bubble resistance of the tea leaves. 4g of tea can be brewed for more than 8 cups, and one tea can be drunk for a whole day.

How to Brew

Here attaches the brewing guide of Chinese teas, pleases check below links if needed.

Black Tea Brewing Guide: Click Me!

Rock Tea Brewing Guide: Click Me!

White Tea Brewing Guide: Click Me!

Green Tea Brewing Guide: Click Me!

Any questions please email at

or check our FAQ: Click Me!

Bud & Leaf Black Tea

Lapsang Store Loose Black tea don't add other materials. Tea Buds and leaves all picked from Organic Nature tea origins.

In Lapsang Store. Not only different origins. Different Black Tea also have different picked standard, which determine its value in large extent.


Tea buds: The young buds and stems contain the most theanine. It is the main ingredient of black tea freshness
Effect: Theanine is the main amino acid in tea, black tea is the main component of Xianshuang, there are caramel aroma and flavor similar to MSG heavy and mellow, can ease the bitter taste, enhance sweetness.
Physiological function: Can promote nerve growth and improve brain function, enhance memory and immunity. Theanine is also dedicated to helping humans resist Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, lowering blood pressure, increasing beneficial intestinal flora, and reducing plasma cholesterol.

Leaf: Contains more tea polysaccharides
Effect: makes the tea sticks tight and oily, and the soup feels sweet and full-bodied. It can form a sweet taste of tea soup, and can also form some special aromas, such as sweet aroma, caramel aroma or chestnut aroma.
Physiological function: Tea polysaccharides have many physiological functions such as radiation protection, anticoagulation, antithrombosis, lowering blood sugar and enhancing immunity.

Leaves Maturity: tea polyphenols is one of the main components that form the color and fragrance of tea
Effect: General term for polyphenols in tea. and
The higher the maturity of buds and leaves: the less tea polyphenols, the worse the quality of black tea.
Physiological function: Tea polyphenols have anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, anti-cancer and anti-mutation effects!

Fresh Leaves: The tea mainly contains three alkaloids: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. The content of dry matter (2%-4%) in caffeine is the highest, which is an important flavor in tea. 
The thicker and older the leaves are, the less the alkaloids have.
Effect: The substance has a bitter taste and has a refreshing taste after being associated with theaflavins.
Physiological function:The alkaloids in tea can slightly stimulate the human cerebral cortex to relieve fatigue. At the same time, it will slightly stimulate the gastrointestinal system to help digestion and diuresis. Of course, in addition, it also has conventional health care methods such as strengthening the heart to relieve spasm and relax smooth muscle.

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