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Organic Tea Collection

All These Teas From 0.13 km² Organic Tea Garden JAS/USDA/BCS Organic Certificated

2024 First Spring Longjing Green Tea

5 Type High Mountain Tea

2668m Yunnan Organic Tea Area,500 EU pesticide


Jin Jun Mei Black Tea

In 2005, Mr. Jiang Yuanxun(江元勋) led the team developing Jinjunmei used the buds of high mountain tea trees in Tongmu Village, Wuyishan National Nature Reserve as raw materials, based on the more than 400-year-old Lapsang Souchong black tea culture and production techniques.

Why Choose Us ?

Safety: Choosing branded tea products means that every sip of tea you drink has been tested for food safety.

Service: All your orders are shipped via DHL/SF/EMS express, we bear the customs duties

High-end: As the inventor of Jinjunmei and a company inheriting Lapsang Souchong, what we hear most from new customers is“This is definitely the best tea I’ve ever had”

Are you ready to drink the best, freshest and most guaranteed Chinese tea?

Discover How We Make Black Tea