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Travel&Office Zisha tea set made by Yixing purple clay 160ml 宜兴紫泥紫砂快客杯[TS22]

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Drinking tea in a simple and clever way can still be elegant!

This work comes from the studio of Teacher Mr.Zhang Ye 张烨. In-depth research and processing have been done on the raw materials, technology and shape, and the practicality has been taken to a higher level. At the same time, the delicate Chinese style elements are embedded without any sense of contradiction. , making it also possess quaint artistic beauty. This makes it more interesting when you brewing.


Fine materials

Raw ore clay, traditional purple clay craftsmanship, and High-temperature firing

This customized "Quick Cup" uses authentic vermilion mud as the raw material, which is the same as the material used to make high-quality purple clay teapots. It instantly beats most products on the market that use rough materials.



There are actually not many high-quality products on the market for quick cups. Most of them are grout products, which are relatively rough. Compared with the craftsmanship of purple sand and porcelain, it is not taken seriously, so it is difficult to see works with craftsmanship.
The shrinkage rate of Purple  Mud is too high, usually above 20% or even 30%, and the pot yield after firing is too low.
However, the lines of the Kuai Ke cup body are changeable, making it more difficult to shape than ordinary purple clay teapots, and there are challenges in terms of technology and techniques. It is quite difficult to achieve the perfect shape of the vessel.


Highly practical

Comes with integrated filter holes, effectively blocking tea leaves and allowing smooth water discharge

The capacity is about 160 ml, and the container is of medium size, which is the golden capacity for brewing Kung Fu tea. The inside of the pot body is very carefully made with a raised tea filter, which will not block it, but also allows the tea soup to stay for an appropriate period of time, helping us brew a more satisfying tea flavor!

This model is carefully customized by Teacher Mr.Zhang Ye张烨, comes with a certificate, and is packaged in a linen bag.
The style is very elegant and easy to carry!

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