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Basic info about Zhengshantang Lapsangstore belongs to the Chinese tea company "Zhengshantang". The headquarters of Zhengshantang is located in Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain, where black tea was born. We still use traditional techniques to make Lapsang Souchong, and we also use innovative techniques to make Lapsang Souchong such as Feizixiao and Wild Tea. In 2005, we developed the highest-grade black tea "Jin Jun Mei" in China, and in 2020, we began to sell black tea internationally. According to the needs of overseas customers, we have supplemented oolong tea, Pu'er tea, white tea, green tea and other products. I hope you can learn more about Chinese tea in lapsangstore and buy high-quality Chinese tea that is more suitable for you.

Why 正山堂/Zhengshantang/정산당 black tea so famous? 

China National Black Tea  Standard

  In 2012, Zhengshantang, as the only enterprise unit, formulated with souchong black tea, "GB/T1738.3-2012 Black Tea" Part 3: the national standard of lapsang souchong black tea


Jinjunmei Industry Standard

In 2015, Zhengshantang, as the only enterprise unit,Participated in the drafting and formulation of
"GH/T1118-2015 Jinjunmei Black Tea Industry Standard"


Junmei Black Tea Group Standard

 In 2018, Zhengshantang took the lead in drafting and formulating a cross-provincialcopies, the national "T/CTMA 002-2018 Junmei Black Tea Group Standard"


Under these standards, while producing Jinjunmei and Lapsang Souchong black tea with even higher standards, Zhengshantang has built a high-quality, standardized and large-scale Junmei China system to drive the development of the industry.

Zhengshantang Black Tea Base in Tongmu Village World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site Wuyishan National Nature Reserve The birthplace of Lapsang Souchong, the origin of the world's black tea. Also, we build the "lapsangstore business team" in Nanjing, because it would be better for doing international business.

Zhengshantang Black Tea Base in Tongmu Village World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site Wuyishan National Nature Reserve The birthplace of Lapsang Souchong, the origin of the world's black tea

It is "Qinglou", where we made traditional lapsang souchong. The fireworks that smoke traditional Lapsang Souchong using masson pine wood have been going on for hundreds of years 

Black tea production process: Picking-Withering-Kneading-Fermentation-Drying


The Classic products are packaged in tinplate cans

  • Good sealing, avoid light, moisture and odor
  • Can body is rigid to prevent shipping damage
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle
  • The packaging has been used for 15 years, with simple feelings
  • Six anti-counterfeiting logo designs: embossing on the bottom of the can, gravure on the top of the can, label of origin and QR code label on the aluminum film, geographical indication on the side, "Jiang Yuanxun" Seal and "Zhengshan Successor" seal design, can bottom ice crack

Tinplate, also known as tin-plated iron, is a common name for tin-plated thin steel plates. Tinplate cans have better barrier properties than any other materials, such as gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light shading properties, and fragrance retention properties. In addition, they are reliable in sealing and can reliably protect products.

What is 骏眉中国/Junmei China/駿眉中国/준미중국?

Junmei China is made up of black tea using Zhengshantang's Jinjunmei making craft, using tea materials  from ten classic producing areas. A cup of black tea, taste the different flavors of different regions of China, A cup of black tea contains the taste of China with a vast territory.

Junmei China Series = Junmei craft + non-100% Wuyi Tongmuguan's tea raw materials
"Better quality than other brands so-called Jinjunmei"
"Cost much less than Zhengshantang's Jinjunmei"
More people can drink a cup of higher quality Chinese black tea

Compare with Zhengshantang Jinjunmei, Junmei China series got: 70% the Taste, 50% the Price, 1000 times the production


We are looking for global partners

If you operate a tea house or tea brand and want to become our partner, please email

From 正山堂 to "樂"

We want to build an international tea brand with the most strict standard and better taste for different people

In 2022, Zhengshantang officially began to explore overseas business 



We combine the word LAPSANG into traditional Chinese "樂", which means "joyful"

We hope that you can have a pleasant shopping experience here, enjoy our tea with smile.

We sell black tea, and green tea, white tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, tea sets, tea food, etc., to meet the needs of worldwide tea lovers.
Product form: four forms "original leaves" Tea, bag, tea powder, capsule" three scenarios "home, office, travel"
Two categories: self-drinking, gift box 

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We support global shipping, free shipping by DHL or EMS. In order to better serve customers, we have set up warehouses in Korea, North America, Singapore, Australia and other places, and we have formed a team with multilingual communication skills to better serve you.

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