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Chinese Tea Academy

 Why did we make this page of China Tea Academy?

Drinking tea can be a very simple thing. A pack of 0.5g Lapsang Souchong instant tea powder and 300ml warm water can quickly replenish caffeine and keep you refreshed when working.Drinking tea can be full of ritual. Before brewing a cup of Jinjunmei and other Chinese loose leaf teas, you should prepare tea table, boiling water, sanitary ware, warm cup, tureen for making tea, and then drink the tea, and you can enjoy hours of leisure time. in oriental culture.Drinking tea can carry many cultural complexes. Drink a cup of Lapsang Souchong, taste 400 years of precipitation, experience matcha, and feel the artistic experience that has been passed down from the Song Dynasty(宋朝) to the present. Tea has been associated with the life of self-cultivation in oriental culture. What our tea academy wants to do is to help you drink tea in a convenient or traditional way in different environments and moods, and get a better tea drinking experience.

Type Of Teas

Black tea was born in Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, and Lapsang Souchong is the originator of black tea. The process is made by withering, rolling, fermenting and drying, which belongs to fully fermented tea. Chinese black tea is mainly divided into three types: Souchong black tea, Gongfu black tea, and red crushed tea.

1. Souchong black tea
Including Lapsang Souchong, Outer Mountain Souchong, and Smoke Souchong. Among them, Lapsang Souchong is of the highest quality, with the aroma of pine smoke and the sweetness of longan. Since Zhengshantang founded Jinjunmei in 2005, it has been loved by many tea lovers. At present, Jinjunmei is the highest grade Souchong black tea.

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2. Gongfu black tea
The production of traditional Souchong black tea was spread to Qimen, Anhui Province and perfected there. The refined craftsmanship makes the production of black tea labor-intensive and time-consuming, and requires experienced masters to work carefully. The name of Gongfu Black Tea is a reflection of this situation. Gongfu black tea is produced in many places and has many varieties. It usually has a bright red soup, a strong taste and a unique fragrance. For example, Keemun black tea, whose cords are tightly knotted with front shoots, tastes mellow and sweet, and has a unique rose fragrance (commonly known as "Qimen fragrance").

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3. Broken red tea
The appearance of black crushed tea began in India in the 1920s. It is found that the finer the raw material is, the more beneficial it is to the fermentation process. Therefore, kneading and cutting are added in the production process, and the name "red crushed tea" mainly reflects the characteristics of its crushed tea. The quality of crushed tea is lower than that of leaf tea.

4. Junmei black tea
In 2010, Zhengshantang exported the production process of Jinjunmei to tea producing areas across the country, established the Junmei Chinese brand, and produced Junmei black tea of the same quality as Wuyi black tea, such as Xinyang red, Badong red, Wanqing red, etc. , not only has the characteristics of local black tea, but also has the characteristics of fragrance and sweetness of Junmei black tea.

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Making The Best Cup of Tea of Your Life

Black Tea - It is advisable to use a Gaiwan for brewing.

Step 1

Add 3g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma

Step 2

Prepare pure water that stops boiling at 100°C

Step 3

1-3 course fast rush out, do not soak for a long time. 4-6 courses soak for 5-10s, 6-10 courses about 15s. The more times of brewing, the longer the soaking time, in order to ensure the stability of the tea soup. 

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Different Tea Packaging

LAPSANGSTORE teas can be enjoyed in many different ways, come in cans, gift boxes, and sample brews, find out about the different ways to enjoy our teas.

Classic Tinplate Can

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LAPSANGSTORE sells teas in multiple sizes, so you can explore different products and discover unique tastes and flavors.

What&How about Chinese teas


Here you can get basic knowledge about Chinese tea classification, technology, tea tree varieties, history, etc.


How to?

How to taste different Chinese teas? How to use tea sets? How to preserve and identify tea easily?


What's new?

New products, changes and interesting tidbits about the tea industry at lapsangstore



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