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New Year Special

1.1~1.31 Buy 2 get 1 free for all green tea and the following products!
(For example, Buy 2 tins of the same tea and you can get 3 tins total)
Each order will be sent 1 Canvas Bag or 10 Disposable Face Mask random with free tea samples.

China has relaxed the restrictions on international travel. You are welcome to visit our office in Nanjing and store in Wuyishan.
In 2023, we will try our best to hold tea parties in South Korea.
Happy New Year!

Canvas Bag - Lapsangstore
Canvas Bag
$9.90 USD
3 JunMei China-Yahei Black Tea Mini Bags - Lapsangstore
Bespaar 10%
3 JunMei China Elegant Red Black Tea Mini Bags - Lapsangstore
JunMei China Elegant Red Black Tea - Lapsangstore
Elegant Red 贵妃红 JunMei Black Tea 50g Tin[JM03]

3 beoordelingen
Van $19.35 USD
3 JunMei China-Golden Pure Bud Black Tea Mini Bags - Lapsangstore
JunMei China Golden Top Grade Black Tea 50g - Lapsangstore
Ruyi Golden 如意金 JunMei Black Tea 50g Tin[JM01]

6 beoordelingen
Van $77.42 USD
Junmei China Simple Teaware-1 Covered Tea Cup+2 Tasting Cups - Lapsangstore
Bespaar 18%
JunMei China 骏眉中国 Simple Teaware Gaiwan&Tasting Cup*2[TS14]

2 beoordelingen
$36.77 USD $45.00 USD