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원정(元正) 지미(知味) 홍차

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Zhiwei comes from the high-altitude production area of ​​Wuyi Mountain and is carefully crafted. Affordable price is very suitable for daily ration tea. The dry tea is even and moist, with a little gold. The tea soup is clear and translucent, with the fragrance of dates, flowers, honey, and the bottom of the leaves are full and fresh. It is a Wuyi black tea with excellent overall performance.

Net weight: 50g/tin.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: Black tea.

Picking standard: 1 bud 2 leaves.

Origin: Small species of tea tree in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Fujian

Dry tea: Black in color, slightly golden buds.

Soup: Orange bright.

Aroma: Jujube honey floral fragrance.

Taste: Obvious honey aroma in the entrance, with the aroma of jujube flowers, full taste, lasting sweetness, and fragrant teeth and cheeks.

Wet tea: Soft and bright, evenly bronzed.

How to brew?
It is recommended to use a covered bowl for brewing.
1. After warming the cup, add 3g of tea leaves and smell the aroma of the tea
2. Add pure water around 95°C for brewing
3. 1-4 fast rush out, do not soak. 5-7 courses soak for 5-10s, 7-10 courses about 15s. The more times of brewing, the longer the soaking time, in order to ensure the stability of the tea soup.

Why is it called Zhiwei?
"Know the taste of tea,  know the taste of life" means that after you taste this black tea, you will know the original taste of black tea, which is fragrant and sweet, not that most people think that the taste of tea is bitter. Just like life, you have to taste it slowly before you know the joy of life.


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데일리 홍차로 음용중인데 아주 좋습니다.

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