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The 3rd Zhengsantang Tea Tasting

The 3rd Zhengsantang High-end Green Tea Tasting Fair was successfully held in Seoul, South Korea


From April 12th to April 15th, we held a tea tasting party in Seoul. This time it was an communication about the green tea of this year’s first spring.

Tea production, transportation, packaging, ready for sell in online or offline store, and arrange shipping after receiving the order require a long and complicated process. We want everyone to taste fresh tea in the best way at the first time. The only way we can think of is through Tea party to share with everyone. What is different from the previous two times is that the tea products we choose are no longer high-end black tea and rock tea. Instead, we have increased the types and focused on the comparison between green teas. This greatly reduces the cost and allows participants to The threshold is lower and more friends can be invited to join.

Welcome tea - old white tea

Before the tea party started, we brewed the 2018 Shoumei white tea in a thermos pot in advance to ensure that every customer who came to the store had a cup of tea in their hands, which is the Chinese way of hospitality.

It comes from Xianpu Village, Fanxi Town, Fuding, Fujian. It is located at an altitude of 600 to 750 meters with undulating mountains and dense forests. It has a superior ecological environment, a large temperature difference between day and night, and year-round clouds and mist. It has a unique canyon microclimate and ecological environment, giving it This reflects the long, refreshing and sweet characteristics of the tea here.

2018寿眉(老手艺) (1).jpg__PID:c2e709b8-0429-4ed9-850b-7de01913548e
2018寿眉(老手艺) (2).jpg__PID:e709b804-294e-4985-8b7d-e01913548e8a

We use orthodox Fuding Dabai tea and Fuding Dahao tea trees, and use traditional sun withering techniques to produce pure and fragrant tea aroma.
After five years of storage, the aroma of Shoumei white tea has transformed from the floral aroma to the aroma of jujube and Chinese herbal medicine, which is more completely diffused by steeping.

Mengding Ganlu – the first spring tea

For the first tea, we chose Mengding Ganlu, which is as sweet as dew.

蒙顶甘露干茶茶汤叶底 (1).jpg__PID:2d89b3f5-677b-4cbc-b3f6-cc430fa4daf3
蒙顶甘露干茶茶汤叶底 (2).jpg__PID:89b3f567-7b3c-4c73-b6cc-430fa4daf3bc

During the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, Wu Lizhen, the founder of tea cultivation, planted seven tea trees on Mengding Mountain in Sichuan, starting the history of artificial tea cultivation. It rains hazy all year round and the annual rainfall is more than 2000mm, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. Among the people, Mengshan tea is regarded as a magical thing that can cure diseases.
Therefore, Mengding tea with a long history is also called "fairy tea". While other tea regions in China are still silent, the temperature in Sichuan has already warmed up, and new buds have appeared on the tea on Mengding Mountain. The Mengding nectar made from the buds picked at this time is the Mingqian Spring Picked. Tea is the most precious and rare thing.For many tea drinkers, tasting this cup of tea soup from the ancient Chinese tea tree means the beginning of a new year of tea, so we regard it as the beginning of this tea party.


Thick tea leaves wrap the tea buds, and are injected with pure water from Wuyi Mountain at around 90°C. The intimate floral fragrance fills the air, and the tea buds slowly unfold, letting your heart calm down with the tea.

Xihulongjing (Westlake dragonwell)

West Lake Longjing is produced in Longjing Village, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited West Lake in Hangzhou, he praised Longjing tea highly and named the eighteen tea trees under Shifeng Mountain as "Imperial Tea". Longjing tea has become famous in the world for more than 1,200 years. One of the most famous green teas today.

Everyone is looking forward to tasting the authentic Longjing tea, and taking a sip in the spring is like "the hot sip of steamed buns just coming out of the cage, the sweetest sip of watermelon after it is cut in half."

2024西湖龙井 (3).jpg__PID:a932d03f-5803-4846-832d-a52c64d6def3

But wouldn’t it be a pity to wait for so long and only get this bite?

So we prepared ten Gaiwan! This is also the reason why there are only ten places for one session. In addition to the small space, the tea sets are also really expensive. We have taken great pains to allow everyone to experience the Chinese tea ceremony brewing method.


Different from ordinary Gaiwan, the glass tureens we prepared are particularly transparent, and you can clearly see each tea bud rotating inside. After warming the bowl, pouring the tea, and shaking the incense, after a demonstration by the tea art teacher, each customer can smell the strongest chestnut aroma at their seat, and no longer have to worry about the aroma dissipating in the end.

Anji White Tea

When it comes to drinking green tea, the most convenient way is to get a big cup, add tea and water. The whole process doesn't take a minute and you can enjoy a full cup.


The unique Anjibai Tea is always regarded as the real “white tea” by some people. But it can quickly break into the green tea market because of the unique tea tree varieties of Anji bai Tea. The green tea produced has a freshness and sweetness that is unmatched by other green teas. It will not be bitter even if it is steeped for a long time, and the milk lingering in the wall of the cup fragrant, it also ends the first two flavors together.


I always get hungry quickly after drinking tea. Oatmeal cake, almond tiles, and coconut cake are three sweet but not greasy tea snacks. They are presented at the right time. They do not affect the taste of the tea and prevent stomach upset.


Feizixaio(smile of princess)

When it comes to which black tea from Zheng Shan Tang is the most popular, apart from Jin Jun Mei, it is Fei Zixiao. Most of the people attending the tea party were girls, and the love for feizixiao is beyond boundaries, so we left this cup of sweet lychee flavor for the last finishing touch, so that everyone could still remember this sip after it was over.


After these three tea parties, not only the experience points have been increasing, but the tea sets in the store have also been enriched. Maybe in the future we will have the opportunity to hold tea parties outside of Seoul, meet more different friends, and have a wonderful experience. Interesting conversation.

In addition, all of our green tea is expected to ready to sell in May. After that, you can look forward to the taste of this year’s fresh black tea.

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