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The 21st Korea International Tea Culture Exhibition ended successfully !

From May 30 to June 2, 2024, the 21st Korea International Tea Culture Exhibition (제 21회 국제차문화대전) was successfully held at the COEX Exhibition Hall in Seoul, South Korea.
As the largest annual tea exhibition in South Korea, it is an international tea exhibition attended by leading Korean companies and influential companies in the global tea market. It is also the first exhibition we participated in in South Korea, which has a unique commemorative significance for us.


For this exhibition, we used the official website homepage that everyone is most familiar with, and added the most representative black tea development history of Zhengshantang as the background, hoping to give tea drinkers a familiar and intimate feeling.
At the exhibition, we brought classic Zhengshantang series black tea products: Jin Jun Mei black tea, Feizixiao black tea, Lapsang Souchong wild tea, etc., as well as Chinese-style panda black tea, West Lake Longjing, and Jasmine tea. In addition, we also invited senior tea teachers from teahouse nani to make milk tea with oolong tea powder for the guests on site, and provided "Lapsang Souchong Black Tea" ice cream, showing the beauty of black tea in many aspects, which received a warm response from the tea drinkers present, so that we had to sell it in limited quantities every day.


With 8 barrels of Wuyi tea water and 118 bottles of Korean purified water, we introduced and tasted Zhengshantang's black tea to hundreds of customers on site.
From the appearance of dry tea, the color of tea soup, to the taste and shape of wet leaves, we did not miss any details. We hope to lead every tea lover to understand the cup of tea in their hands.Jin Jun Mei, West Lake Longjing, and Jasmine tea are naturally the focus of everyone's attention as famous Chinese teas, but in addition to these, there are several other teas that are unexpectedly popular:

1. 2668m Yunnan Alpine Ecology Tea Collection


This series is made from high-quality tea trees in an organic tea garden at 2,668 meters high in Dali, Yunnan, which enjoys a unique geographical location. The high-quality climate, pure soil and air make these 5 flavor teas taste unique and delicious. After this exhibition, it is no exaggeration to say that high mountain oolong tea has risen to the top of the new product list. It has a fresh and rich floral fragrance, a sweet taste similar to Taiwanese oolong tea or Tieguanyin, and a unique Yunnan crispness. It tastes especially good when brewed with local water, so it was quickly sold out.


If you want to try its taste yourself, we recommend brewing it with a gaiwan/purple clay teapot (capacity between 120ml-180ml), warm the tea set with hot water, put in a whole bag of oolong tea, pick up the gaiwan and shake it a few times, and you can smell the aroma when you open the lid.

Then use 95-100 ℃ pure water to brew (in Korea, we recommend using 삼다수 pure water. Water rich in minerals will greatly affect the taste of tea soup and the aroma of tea. Therefore, we chose this water source after testing various water sources). Soak for 10 seconds in the first course, waiting for the rolled tea leaves to expand. Pour out the first brew and do not drink it. Soak for only 5 seconds in the second brew. After the baptism of water, the flavor of tea leaves is easier to leached, so it does not take too long to drink the sweet taste. Soak for 5-10 seconds in the third to fifth brews; start to gradually extend the soaking time by 10-20 seconds from the sixth brew, and you can brew about eight brews.

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2. 2018 Shoumei White Tea


In order to let everyone drink tea quickly less waiting, we used a thermos pot to brew Shoumei white tea 2 hours in advance.
Unexpectedly, everyone said that this kind of white tea was something they had never experienced before and they liked its taste very much.
After 5 years of aging, Shoumei white tea cannot be brewed in its best taste if it is brewed in a covered bowl. But soaking it in a thermos pot for a long time not only does not make it bitter or astringent, but it has a sweet taste and a strong jujube fragrance. This is the charm of old white tea.

If you want to try it, we recommend brewing it in a thermos pot/thermos cup. You can adjust the amount of tea according to the capacity and soaking time. If it is the same thermos pot, put 5g of tea, add hot water above 90 degrees, and simmer for 2 hours; if it is a thermos cup, put 2-3g of tea and simmer for 2 hours, and you can have the same taste.


3. Lapsang Souchong Black Tea(Pine Smoke/Non-Smoked)

Lapsang Souchong, the originator of black tea, was first born in 1568. Due to the humidity and lack of sunshine in Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain, the ancestors of the Jiang family used pine wood burning to smoke and dry the tea. After years of changes, due to changes in taste and innovation in technology, lapsang Souchong now has less pine smoke fragrance, but mainly floral, fruity and honey fragrance.

本色干茶茶汤叶底 (13).jpg__PID:1055ea63-062b-4b4d-a9cc-12930ff19eb6

As a heritage enterprise, Zhengshantang has always insisted on producing Lapsang Souchong with pine smoke fragrance, in order to prevent the previous craftsmanship from being lost, so that today's tea drinkers can also taste the taste of 400 years ago.

At this exhibition, we compared Lapsang Souchong with different degrees of smoking, so that tea drinkers can experience their differences firsthand. The most popular ones are non-smoked 1568 black tea and smoked royal black tea.

ProductSmoke levelPicking StandardTaste
Lapsang Souchong Wild TeaNon1 Bud 3-4 leavesFresh scent of grass and forestShop Now
1568 Black TeaNon1 Bud 2 leavesLongan sweet, floral and fruity aromaShop Now
1604 Black TeaNon1 Bud 1 leavesLongan sweet, floral and fruity aromaShop Now
Bense Lapsang Souchong★☆☆☆1 Bud 2 leavesSlightly pine smoke, obvious sweetness, rich fruity aromaShop Now
Royal Black Tea★★★☆1 Bud 3-4 leaves(Cut)Pure pine smoke aroma, rich taste, and the aroma of dried longanShop Now
8310 Black Tea★★★★1 Bud 3-4 leaves(Cut)Rich pine smoke aroma, strong tasteShop Now

4. Lu`an Guapian & Taiping Houkui

Lu'an Guapian is the only green tea that has no buds or stems, and is made only from leaves. It has a fresh floral and herbal aroma. After brewing, the leaves are stretched and full, and the tea tastes strong but not bitter.

Shop Now六安瓜片干茶茶汤叶底 (1).jpg__PID:143573ec-d820-43ea-a9e1-b17b5a2dc82b
太平猴魁干茶茶汤叶底 (1).jpg__PID:eae9e1b1-7b5a-4dc8-abf5-667c010ae99b

Taiping Houkui is made from 1 bud and 2 leaves. The leaves are flat and straight, and are famous for their peculiar shape, but they are not bitter or astringent, but sweet and refreshing with an orchid fragrance.

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Brewing is also simple: put a bag of tea into a cup, add 1/3 of water above 85 ℃, smell its aroma, and then fill it up. Fill it up every time you are almost done drinking, and you can brew it 3 times.
You can also cold brew: put an appropriate amount of tea into cold water. If it is bottled water, put 2-3g of tea. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours and then drink.

In this once-in-a-lifetime meeting, I sincerely thank everyone for their support and love for Zhengshantang. We will also always stick to our original intention and give it back to everyone with high-quality Chinese tea, so that you can drink good tea easily. In addition, we are preparing the mooncakes that everyone is looking forward to!