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What is Aged Fir Black Tea?

What is Aged Fir Black Tea?

In Qing Dynasty Liang Zhangju wrote words in his poem “tasting tea”: "the taste of fir flavor, need to be quiet in mood and body."


Aged fir Tea has always been loved by tea lovers. The perfect combination of breed, time, growing environment and technology has formed the unique "fir flavor" of tea, which is also the hot topic of discussion among many tea lovers.

Why we called aged? Just its age? 

Some people said 30 years, some said 50 years, and other said 100 years.

For example, Zheng Shan Tang’s aged fir narcissus black tea. Its tea is over 100 years.

As we all know, all living things have the natural law of birth, aging, sickness and death, and tea tree is no exception. Because it is a broad-leaved subtropical evergreen tree, its rhythm of life is faster than that of deciduous trees and conifers.

The physiological functions of small trees and large-leaved tea trees will gradually decline after decades, and some tea trees with good ecological conditions or less human interference will have more years of growth. The physiological functions of small trees and large-leaved tea trees will gradually decline decades.

Hundred years tea tree is more common, but two or three hundred years will be less, some businesses out of their own interests, the age of the tree will be exaggerated to more than a thousand years, two thousand years is not scientific and precise.

Wuyi Mountain, Tongmu Pass has a long history of tea production and is the birthplace of black tea in the world. It is located in the Wuyi mountain National Nature Reserve, where every tree and grass in the reserve is strictly protected and felling is prohibited, so the tea trees in Tongmu Pass are well protected.

Zheng Shan Tang Organic Aged Fir Narcissus. The raw materials are picked at high altitude in the protected area. The old tea fir growing on the original ecological tea mountain is managed by semi-wildness. The tea trees are covered with moss. Following the concept of natural, healthy and clean tea making, every 500 Gram of 100-year-old organic old fir black tea made from thousands of standard shoots.

"Fir flavor" generally appears on arbor species. The currently known "Fir flavor" can be roughly summarized as follows:
1. Moss smell: The old fir trees are older, and the trunks are covered with moss, so it smells of moss.
2. Zongye fragrant: or brown rice flavour, is the regional fragrant formed by the mountain field where the tea tree is located.
3. Woody taste: The taste obtained from the varieties of the tea tree itself, over time, is more and more obvious on the old fir.

"The old fir which may cause the "sweet taste" is also related to the picking standard, the mountain field (the microclimate environment of the tea tree), the craftsmanship, and the brewing method.

According to the mountain environment, the tea maker and other conditions, the "fir taste" displayed by it is also different and has its own characteristics.

The old Fir tea trees in Tong Mu pass grow on the tea hill with an average altitude of more than 1,500 meters. The excellent growth environment allows tea trees to absorb the spirit of the mountains and the wild. At the same time, many exceptions have been added for picking.

Zheng Shan Tang 100-year-old native Old Fir black tea is made based on the tradition of over 400 years of making Lapsang Souchong black tea and combined with innovative JunMei craftsmanship. The dry tea sticks are tight and strong, and the color is golden, yellow and black.

After brewing, the color of the soup is golden and bright. Take a sip into your throat. The sweetness is suddenly born, the taste of fir is mellow, and the flavor is long. When you smell it, the nose overflows with the empty valley and the orchid fragrance, refreshing, and it is easy to feel like you are in the vast virgin forest; continuous After 12 brews, the taste is still full and sweet.

The heart is like a valley, the air is from the faint orchid, the century-old original old fir, embraces all the rivers, melts all things, and precipitates the taste of a cup of time.

Finally, I also remind everyone that the significant "Fir flavor" does not represent the quality of the tea. The taste varies from person to person, so you should choose tea according to your personal preference.