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Good tea matches Good tea sets.

Good tea matches Good tea sets.

Drinking good tea needs good sets to match.

It’s like seeing beauty in the river when you take a sip of good tea.

And like meeting an old friend when using good tea set.

Gather the beauty of the four seasons in a tea vessel

Adds a touch of freshness to the tea liquid.

Is the best interpretation of a good sip of tea

Tea sets were called "tea utensils" in ancient times, and they were born for drinking tea. In the beginning, due to the extensive tea drinking method, the tea utensils were relatively simple, and they were often mixed with food utensils and wine utensils. With the popularity of tea drinking, tea sets have gradually begun to develop in the direction of professionalism and art. It has become an important part of tea culture.

"Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well." Water is the mother of tea, and tools are the father of tea. Cooking tea and tasting tea, paying attention to tea sets, has always been the case.

There are many tea utensils in "Dream of Red Mansions". It is written in the book: tea tray, tea cup, tea cup, tea bowl, tea cage, tea nest, teapot, tea stove, tea cup, tea spoon, tea bucket, saucer, saucer, tea hanger , Wind stoves, cover clocks, tea cups, tea grids, tea bowls...various kind.

The ancients were very particular about the utensils for tasting tea.

The tea wares here are rare treasures, which are difficult for modern people to imitate.

In the same way, because of the use of different colored pottery cups or porcelain cups, in addition to the obvious difference in the color of the tea soup, the flavor is also very different. Generally speaking, if you want to accurately grasp the color of tea soup, it is best to use a white porcelain cup. If you want the tea flavor to be fully reflected, the pottery cup is more suitable.

Nowadays, the commonly used white porcelain cups are generally white porcelain cups, which can truly reflect the color of tea soup, have moderate heat transfer and heat preservation, will not chemically react with tea, can obtain better color and fragrance, and are beautiful and exquisite in appearance. Suitable for brewing Jin Jun Mei.

Due to different tea drinking customs and different types of tea, the choice of tea sets is also different. But the general development trend is from complex to simple, from coarse to refined.

There are many times in life that will make you feel impetuous and bored, and drinking tea can slowly calm your mood. A set of pleasing tea sets and poetic cups allow you to see the big world from a small picture. It is as if the water waves and distant mountains are right in front of your eyes.

Tea in the hand is the landscape

In the mouth is life

Pour a cup of tea

Holding a book

Enjoy some delightful tea utensils

Green smoke hovering from the incense burner

Wind blowing from the window

The moss in the intervention room

Isn’t it beautiful?