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How to Pry Tea Cakes

①Pry from the edge

The white tea cake has moderate tightness, and there are gaps on the sides, not airtight.At this point, as long as you follow the texture, insert the tea needle deeply into the middle of the gap, and then lift it up slightly, you can pry out a complete cake.During the whole process, too much broken tea will not be produced, and at the same time, it will not hurt your hands.


②Pry from the center


Step 1 : Gently open the protective paper from behind and find the recess in the center.
Step 2: Put your hand behind the side of the tea cake.The tea needle is inserted 2-3cm in parallel from the inside to the outside.
Step 3 :Gently lift the tea needle and insert it again every 1-2cm.
Step 4 :Gently lift up with skillful force to pry out the flakes.
Step 5 :If you only drink it once, such a piece is enough.

Note:The tea needles are sharp, so be careful not to injure your hands when picking them up.This tea needle is only suitable for prying fluffy tea cakes such as white tea and Pu'er. If it is a pressed black tea brick, a sharper tea knife is required.
If you plan to drink it often, you can pry the tea cakes apart and store them in a sealed bag that is protected from light and has no peculiar smell.