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Xinan Black Tea

Xin'an Black Tea, produced in Anhui province, Huangshan.Xiuning County, Huangshan City, is located in the Keemun production area, with superior natural conditions, suitable for the growth of tea trees, and the main species of local tea trees-the Quercus chinensis species is rich in inclusions and enzyme activity, which is very suitable for the production of Kung Fu black tea.

Xinan   Black   Tea

Traditional tea production area of Keemun,
with high yield and quality of tea tree varieties.

Xinan Black Tea

Picking standard: Pure bud only from high alitutude Xin'an Kung Fu black tea.
DriedTea: Tight and beautiful ropes, golden yellow and black color.
Soupcolor: Gold brilliant and translucent.
Aroma and taste: Rose honey Qimen fragrance, sweet and soft taste, long throat   rhythm.
Leaf base: Soft, bright and even.

Picking Standard

Pure Bud Only

Splendid China Series Black Tea Collection

Highlighted different style of the raw materials of tea regions.

Blend of different local black tea characteristics of into one flavor Junmei China.

Xinan Hong Mini Pack

Pure bud only from high alitutude Xin'an Kung Fu black tea.


Jun Mei Hong

Ba Dong Hong

Meng Shan Hong

Pu An Hong

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