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What is borosilicate glass?

Not only twice as thick as similar products, but also very heat resistant.

Brittleness and weight are far less than glass containing a lot of lead and zinc, and no toxic side effects.

It is an important material for making beakers, test tubes and other instruments.

Because of this, the teacup is light and smooth.Can be heated in an electric ceramic stove/microwave oven without bursting, it safer to use.


▶Identification method of high borosilicate glass:

1 Color contrast: The color of high borosilicate glass is yellow or white, the lighter the color, the lighter the quality and the harder the texture. Ordinary glass is blue-green in color.

2 Heating: High borosilicate glass will not soften when heated for a short time, but will soften when heated for a long time, but becomes hard after heating is stopped.

Ordinary glass softens shortly after heating, and turns black in the case of aluminum glass.


▶Because the product is hand-fired, there will be very small differences in size and shape.And in the process of hand blowing, the glass is in contact with the air, and there are occasional fine air bubbles, but it does not affect the use and aesthetics.

This is a characteristic of handmade products, which is normal and unavoidable.