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About Zheng Shan Tang

The world's black tea originates from China. In the middle and late Ming Dynasty (about 1568 AD), the ancestor of the Jiang family of Zhengshantang founded Lapsang Souchong, and is recognized as the originator of black tea in the world; in 2005, Jiang Yuanxun, the 24th generation inheritor of Lapsang Souchong black tea, He led the team to develop the high-end black tea Jin Junmei based on the inheritance of black tea culture and production skills for more than 400 years, filling the market gap of high-end black tea in China and promoting the development of the entire black tea industry.
Fujian Zhengshantang Tea Co., Ltd. has more than 400 years of black tea culture and production skills. The company is located in Tongmu Village, the core reserve of Wuyishan National Park, Fujian Province. It is the core area of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site and also The birthplace of Lapsang Souchong, the ancestor of black tea in the world.
Since 2010, Zhengshantang has exported scientific and standard Junmei black tea production technology, selected high-quality tea producing areas across the country, built a Junmei Chinese black tea industry system, promoted the standardization of Chinese black tea, and established a model for clear drinking black tea in China.